Guys, I love movies and I think that showbiz is neat and last weekend they filmed Men in Black III on my block and it was genuinely really impressive to see how such a big budget movie is made, but this photo from the set of Ridley Scott’s new movie, Prometheus, makes me laugh so much. HAHAHAHHA. See? I’m laughing a lot. Oh man, this photo. What is this photo?! No. No way! WHOA! GETTING THE SCOOP! “The message board isn’t going to believe this!” This is basically OUR generation’s Bane in The Batman 3.

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  1. Spoiler alert the truck is an alien

  2. Behind the scenes photo of my reaction to this exciting development:

  3. I heard that tractor in the corner was also recently cast in The Hunger Games.

  4. Pretty sure this a photo of a dog food factory someone took by accident with their phone in 2005.

  5. WHOA! They have GREEN screens now??!?!?!?!

  6. They didn’t pay alot of green for the screen.

    (Award Please)

    • And the upvote award, for comment Ian deemed worthy of an upvote goes to the narrator for

      They didn’t pay alot of green for the screen.

      (Award Please)

  7. wait, what if we were to enhance:

  8. I actually think this is pretty cool? I mean, it shows that he’s using green screen but it’s not in some insulated soundstage. Like, he has the freedom of digital manipulation but there’ll be more of a real world feel. I know this isn’t a new technique and the pic is pretty much nothing, but I like the idea of leaking little clues that give an idea of how the movie will feel instead of stuff like “OMG DID YOU SEE JOKERZ MAKEUP?”

    • I don’t know. Given how much green screen is actually there, I don’t think it gives much indication of how any of the film will look. It clearly won’t feature those cans, since they’re covered by green screen to be replaced with something else. I honestly don’t think we’re getting anything from this shot, much less than seeing the Joker makeup anyway, which turned out to be pretty cool and give a good flavor of the Dark Knight.

      Agree to disagree.

  9. Harry Knowles is looking into the validity of this photo.

  10. You laugh, but Ridley Scott had the photographer’s liver fed to an eagle when he found out the green screen shot had been stolen and gifted to the people.

  11. Behind the scenes photo and no Michael Fassbender to gaze upon?!

  12. Fake and Gaia

  13. I never would have guessed that Season 2 of the Wire was just sitting behind the new Ridley Scott movie.

  14. “You know what the trouble is, Brucey? We used to make shit in this country, build shit. Now we just put up a green screen and let the other guy animate it later.”

  15. well, it’s more high tech than you think. Those shipping containers are actually acoustically designed to drown out the noise from the nearby New Jersey Turnpike


    Green screen >> It’s not easy being green >> Kermit T Frog >> I’m gay now

  17. I bet frank zbotka really wished he had that technology back in his day.

  18. BREAKING new post-production footage!

    Huh. Cool!

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