After the jump, I have posted a panel discussion from a recent episode of The Sean Hannity Show on FOX News discussing a new book by a guy named Ben Shapiro called Primetime Propaganda and DING DONG ALERT it (the panel discussion) is INSANE. The book itself proposes to prove definitively that the Hollywood Elite is overly liberal and is using their position in media and entertainment to promote a liberal agenda. Fair enough! I mean, that is probably true? This is not particularly surprising or groundbreaking information. As recent studies have shown, the more education one has, the more likely one is to lean democratic, and while this is certainly not the case across the board, many of the more important jobs in media and entertainment require some level of higher education. So, it kind of just follows. There are many exceptions to all of these rules! I am just saying, sure. Got it. Personally, as a democrat, this does not bother me, but I can see how it might bother someone who was not a democrat, no duh. “Those fucking Jews,” am I right, the Right?! But so, OK, they start talking about this proposed liberal bias in entertainment in the media on The Sean Hannity Show STARTING WITH SESAME STREET and already that is where things start to get BONKERS.

First of all, Sesame Street is not the driving engine of a LIBERAL AGENDA. Give me a LIBERAL BREAK. Also, liberal vs. conservative politics is, or should be, mainly about the economic responsibility of government to provide services to its citizens. Once again we are dragging sexual preference into the equation as if that has anything to do with anything. The problem with conservatives claiming a moral highground on this issue is that their position is amoral. There is no morality in ostracizing, disenfranchising, or discriminating against other human beings. But the idea that somehow Sesame Street is responsible for children becoming gay is SOME CRAZY NONSENSE OBVIOUSLY WHY ARE WE EVEN HAVING THIS DISCUSSION. I do like when he brings up an episode of Friends. HAHAHA. Sure. Friends. It’s so weird how there was that one super-political episode of Friends with an intense liberal bias and then for years after that there weren’t any more republicans. Remember that? That was crazy.

“Could that have been any more of a real thing that definitely happened?”
-Bandler Ching

I also like when that beautiful woman with very important opinions stated that artists have been more liberal than the general population for “CENTURIES.” Hahahha. I mean, maybe? But either way, she sure as fuck doesn’t know what she is talking about? No offense! Maybe some offense! But, like, who is she talking about? The Lascaux cave painters, probably. “These running bison are trying to make your child feel comfortable being themselves! These cave painters did not pull themselves up by their bootstraps like the cave businessmen did!”

We could also get into how insane it is and how insane it makes me when someone like Sean Hannity starts talking about how rich someone on the left is as if he is not so fucking rich. Rich people SHOULD feel weird about being so rich. It’s OK! Enjoy being rich! But also feel weird about it. It’s definitely unfair in some way. I’m saying this as someone who would love nothing more than to be super rich. I will take all the guilt and weirdness and stumbling attempts to deal with it as they come. But seriously, shut up Sean Hannity. Why don’t YOU start a charity, you stupid asshole? A real one, I mean.

Sean Hannity is an asshole, a liar, and an idiot. No duh. (Via ThinkProgress.)

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  1. Some of us, could be any of us, never intended to use their celebrity to endorse any specific candidate and any evidence to the contrary is purely coincidental.

  2. U mad


  4. Remember when this country started and we were all like “Separation of church and state!!!” uuuuuuuuhh What happened to that?

    • Remember when this country started and they were all like, “We like wearing buckles on our ridiculous hats!!” uuuuuuuuhh We’ve always had lots of crazies, they just didn’t used to own their own TV station.

  5. I think it’s fair to point out that Challenge of the GoBots made me a little gay.

  6. He started his thing with threatening to murder children’s characters, that’s your boyfriend guys

  7. Haha. “The Honeymooners” as an example of a good values TV show. Beat those women, Hannity!

  8. my favorite quote “usually liberal and humanists believe that human nature is ultimately good whereas conservatives believe it’s not.”

    wait, why is that a bad thing?

  9. Haha, a book about how most of Hollywood is liberal? Did Morgan Spurlock buy the movie rights yet?

  10. To be fair, I also disagree with the idea of a gay male student being awarded “Prom Queen” but for entirely separate issues. I think it propagates the conflation between homosexuality and transsexualism, with the not-so-subtle implication that being gay makes you feminine, or less of a man. Gay men shouldn’t feel like they aren’t allowed to conform to the typical gender associations and roles of masculinity. I really despise the term “queen”- even when used by a gay man to describe himself- because of this reason. It’s endemic of a culture which believes it is alright to treat gay men like camp jokes. Certainly, I believe, if a lesbian teenager were to be labelled “Prom King” people would react overwhelmingly negatively- as the stereotype of the butch dyke is one much more readily derided than the flaming homo.

    Also, it’s super tacky.

    • Don’t be a drag, just be a queen

    • I completely agree with you, I’m just guessing that Mr. Super Informed Pants up there actually did conflate the two. There are plenty of stories coming out of all corners of the U.S. of trans students winning prom king/queen, but I haven’t heard a single one where a gay male student won it.

      • Yeah, I thought that might be the case considering that there was zero context beyond him mentioning it. Also, how it bore absolutely no relation to the conversation they were having, making it definitely seem like something he’d heard in the recent past and couldn’t wait to shoehorn into any discussion.

    • Also, I think he actually got confused watching an episode of that ‘documentary’ Glee….

      GO KURT!!

  11. It’s like, I want to let him know that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen if conservatives were a) funny b) creative c) talented d) not douchy.

    • How does stereotyping a group of people with common ideology make you any better than this guy?

      • I’ll give you that conservatives can be creative and talented. Some aren’t even douchey. But funny? Fuck and no.

        You show me a conservative comedian and I’ll show you a bad one.

      • Cuz this guy sucks. And I’ve seen conservative entertainment. It sucks too.

        • So what’s the solution? I’d assume that such a staunchly conservative group would bow to the power of the market, no? If people wanted to watch conservative sitcoms instead of “Friends” there would be money to make those, they would get great ratings and the problem would be solved.

          As I watch this discussion, the only logic answer and what they seem to be leaning toward, is some kind of a affirmative action thing?

          • There really isn’t a solution–which is mainly what drives me crazy about these complaints. What he claims is true for the most part: mainstream Hollywood productions are created by liberals, progressives, or whatever term you want to use. If it makes you mad, then make something more entertaining that showcases your own agenda, which is all that this guy wants. He doesn’t care that an agenda is present–just that it isn’t one he supports. If he wants to spread his own, then he should make something that would make kids turn off Sesame Street instead of complaining that Sesame Street needs to change. Until a conservative shows up that has more talent, heart and imagination as this guy,

            angry conservatives need to just go to bed (after Leno, of course).

        • What was the Fox News response to the Daily Show? This hour has 30 minutes or something? It didn’t last.

          I’m not going to say the Daily Show is objective in its targets, but I think their choice in whom to ridicule is more or less independent of their affiliation and more to do with the inanity of their statements. You also get a greater number of Republican targets when they are in a majority (as was the case through all but the two years of the Bush administration, when the popularity of the show increased greatly). The choice of skewering Republicans during these years and the increased popularity may also reflect a cultural milieu among their audience. It could also just be pandering to their demographic, which is mostly young (and thus) more liberal.

          • The Half-Hour News Hour. It was *intensely* dumb.

            I actually have a theory that most good entertainment inherently precludes at least socially-conservative principles — like, based on how we qualify entertainment as “good,” it’s actually not really possible to be both “good” and “bigoted”, and that the history of entertainment has been a slow improvement of our collective psyche by reocgnizing, addressing, and ultimately excising that bigotry.

  12. “I am against the hyper-sexualization of women.”-MISS AMERICA. Because between Sesame Street and Beauty Pageants, Sesame Street is and has been far more damaging to America’s youth. Obviously.

  13. The alphabet is a liberal plot to control our children! – Ben Shapiro on Sesame Street, probably

  14. To be fair, you guys, there is that line in Hamlet where Shakespeare says:

    “What a piece of work is man! how noble in reason! how infinite in faculty! in form and moving how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! And how hom’sexual we shouldst ensure our children become, through that yonder puppet stage play…to be gay or not to be gay, that is the question we should definitely answer proudly in the former.”

  15. Um, everyone knows that Sesame Street is made in New York City, not Hollywood. If you’re going to be a media pundit about the media, get your goddamn geography straight.

  16. “Human nature is evil.” – Miss America 2008.

    • Yup. Every good Christian knows that we are all born sinners and must repent daily, hourly, heck every second because you’re born a dirty, dirty sinner, and watching Sesame Street is your one way ticket to hell.

  17. “They (children) know more, they do more…”
    “It’s very concerning.”

    - actual transcript from video

    I’m so happy I finally woke up and decided to see through all of the Republican bullshit. Two years ago I would have ignored so much of this video to focus on the one part that maybe could be used to make it not quite as bad, but it’s just terrible. I’m not a fan of the Dems either, but how can anyone that sees this and uses any amount of critical thinking not see right through it?

  18. These accusations are crazy. Sesame Street has had plenty of non-liberal-friendly guests, including: Barbara Bush, Garth Brooks, and none other than MEL GIBSON. I’m sure those people were articulating gay propaganda, tho. Get over yourselves, conservative talk-show hosts.

  19. The worst part about this video is that discussions like this, some even WORSE, happen everynight on Hannity. This was pretty par for the course. (yes I watch Fox News….regularly. Don’t judge! Everyone slows down when they pass a car accident)

  20. Anyone remember that cartoon Tranzor Z? I remember watching it in the 80′s. I also remember the robots shooting missiles out their breasts. Anyone?

  21. Hollywood has always been a bit liberal, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for conservatives.

    Exhibit A:

    • Oh please, everyone knows Stroheim campaigned endlessly to promote partial birth abortions and federal funds for public broadcasting. What do you think was cut out of Greed?

  22. Liberals think their morality is so damn superior.

  23. “Great panel tonight”

    truer words, right? guys?

  24. “Elmo says expropriate the ruling class and collectivize the means of production! Hee hee!” – The Elmoist Manifesto

    • I don’t understand why conservatives hate Sesame Street, the cookie monster is clearly the id-driven hunger for power that will eventually result in a corrupt and privileged polit-bureau.

  25. I’m just glad the guy who got all the liberals on tape saying they write TV as an F-you to the Right didn’t decontextualize anything they said. He must have been so tempted!

  26. to be fair, if anything will make a little boy gay it’s tickle me elmo.

  27. I blame Matt Trakker…

  28. Wake up, sheeple! I’ve been saying this ALL ALONG!

  29. There IS a bit they do that always starts with bert and ernie getting in a bed together, and the bed starts to shake…. it’s kinda like bed knobs and broomsticks but a little gayer.

  30. Communist Television Workshop

  31. I had a dream as a child in which Grune the Destroyer from Thundercats touched me inappropriately with my toothbrush, so, uhhh…..just saying, I guess. Which way is Therapygum?

  32. thanks, fox news! glad to see that our children can now join in on the culture of victimhood that you perpetuate.

  33. Didn’t that guy see this?

    Republicans love Modern Family, a show with two main characters who are gay. They love it!

    But I guess that survey is skewed, right? Because all the Republicans who watch Modern Family are gay Democrats now. Science.

  34. Paging the Gregory Brothers. (For real, I’m a big fan, can this be Auto Tune the News 14?)

  35. I wish wanting a job entitled me to it. Fucking christ.

  36. It seemed like any time the woman started talking, Sean Hannity would interrupt her, which I found particularly delightful with the context of their gender-toys debate.

    GIRLS SHOULD PLAY WITH DOLLS and also probably not talk.

    • Well she did talk about how she watched sesame street and it didn’t effect her and about the pathologically dark world view conservatives have. Ditzy girl.

  37. It’s all a conspiracy underwritten by the mysterious CHUBB group.

  38. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean you’re not batshit crazy.

  39. I like when the lady says that liberals see people as fundamentally good and conservatives as fundamentally bad, and then they cut her off. That there basically explains the whole conservative mindset; they’re either consciously or unconsciously out to cater to the idea of evil nature, and create a world designed with it’s interests in mind. Hence shitting on Elmo.

  40. The beautiful* thing is that even in the most conservative states gay marriage will be acceptable in like 30 years. Pure demographics—overall conservative & religious views don’t trend with it, it’s simply that

    KIDS. DON’T. FUCKING. CARE (care in the bad kill-em-all sense).

    *I mean it’s a long time but BEAUTIFUL compared to the thought of my grandkids having to listen this droolingly bigoted idiocy come of out of Mississippi and be like UH, OUR GENES?!?!?!

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