Since the Unofficial Videogum Book Club seems to have gone silent (what happened, nerds?), perhaps you would enjoy Norm MacDonald’s Book Club on Twitter? READ!

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  1. No, but I would listen to any book on tape that was recorded by Norm MacDonald, especially if it contains frequent use of the word “whore.”

  2. I don’t know what happened, but I have definitely added “Most Recent Post on BookGum, Six Months and Counting” to my list of potential headstone inscriptions

  3. And who manages Norm’s Book Club? You guessed it. Frank Stallone.

  4. They’re probably all still trying to read ‘Infinite Jest.”

  5. I’ve almost finished Blood Meridian! Who do I give my book report to?

  6. Who would have thought a book club would peter out after a few books?

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