Tell me about it, kitten! I hear you, man. But today is a new day! It is time to get proud of yourself and get to work. At this rate, you might never learn how to ride a bike or do anything. You are cute, kitten, but how long is that going to last? WAKE UP KITTEN AND ME AND EVERYBODY, LET’S DO THIS!

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  1. I fall asleep while watching TV, too! This kitten is just like me, except smaller and slightly less furry.

  2. Goddamn, that fucking kitten gets you JACKED UP!

  3. It’s official, Treme moves too slow, even for kittens.

  4. “Don’t Stress, Kitten, if things aren’t going great right now, sleep it off, and just keep pushing. Everyday, give birth to a new part of you.” – A tweet I saw, and Gabe, Probably

  5. I want to recreate the Warhol film sleep entirely with clips of baby animals falling asleep. Now who wants to send me to the Whitney Biennial?

  6. To sleep, purrr-chance to dream…

  7. It’s okay, Kitty. I think F1 racing is dull, too.

  8. Um, guys? I think someone drugged the kitten by putting chloroform on his paws, ’cause he was all energy till he got his face up in the paw.

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