John Jacobson performed Double Dream Hands! on the season premiere of America’s Got Talent! But het gets booed offstage! It’s kind of sad, actually!

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  1. I don’t want to live in a world where Double Dream Hands gets booed off stage.

  2. Poor John Jacobson. I really feel for this guy. He was just doing his job (which is choreographing show choirs [IRL Vocal Adrenaline shit]), got accidentally internet and cell phone ad famous, and now this? Who convinced him to go on America’s Got Talent? Does he have an agent now? Is his agent an idiot? Aw man. I hope he’s not as embarrassed for himself as I am for him.

  3. They were so mean! I think we’ll need to bring in the “I feel hapy for myself” kid to fix this.

  4. Oh, cool. That part of me is dead for today.

    That’s what this show is? People perform their passion and an annoying British guy makes fun of them with terrible jokes while soulless shadows of a future Idiocracy guffaw at the prospect of true happiness? Ugh.

    I love you, John Jacobson. Never change.

  5. Um…is this our fault?

  6. Good ol’ Howie. At least he was down with the magic.

  7. Good you’re better than this John, go on The World’s Got Talent

  8. Judging by the credits, it looks like NBC cut the budget this year:

  9. I blame The YouTube

  10. I just gasped so loud reading this blurb my daughter ran over to see if I was okay. I’m ridiculously upset by this? I couldn’t even watch the video all the way through, he was just his usual so great positive self in the intro and my heart broke. Boo, America.

  11. Well, at least he looks great for his age. 54? no way.

  12. Aw this made me very sad. Hopefully since he’s just so positive and confident, he can let this roll off his back.

  13. In case you cant see the video because…no americano…here it is on youtube.

  14. how how how how how how how how HOW is this not everywhere?!

  15. I feel like the BOOOing is added for effect.

  16. That was really funny actually. I guess editing tricks and catchy songs don’t translate to a live studio audience.

  17. For all his fancy moves, John Jacobson could not jump the great digital culture divide.

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