The Internet is going to make you a supercut that you can refuse if you want but it’s not bad, I don’t know, do what you want! (Cool threat. Add it to the Big Board.)

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  1. YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH about bike riding! #bikethreats

  2. “Don’t make me get a bigger boat!”

  3. Boy howdy. A lot of guys were talking about cumming and fucking in this. #hawt

  4. Remember in Sudden Death when Powers Booth threatened to fill a little girl’s mouth with spiders? Remember how Powers Booth is the goddamn best? You guys remember that, right?

  5. “Coming this August… Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love

  6. I’m hearing a lot of talk, but no action. All talk…

  7. these are okay and all, but not nearly as good as Gary Busey yelling “I’m going to tear the endocrine system out of your body!” from the movie, his life.

  8. I’ll be baaaaack.


  10. Just because I type words, don’t think you can read me. Because just when you think you can read me, I’ll delete everything. EVERYTHING!

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