It must be disappointing to be a guy who publicly proposed to his girlfriend in the past few years and didn’t have his video talked about all over the internet. “I rented the banana costumes and everything.” Sorry, those guys. Maybe you weren’t handsome enough and didn’t have a cute enough girlfriend, unlike these people. Or this might just be an ad for iPod sneakers (sneakers for your iPod), I’m not sure. My first instinct was to compare it to this video (the video with all the folders that the guy put on his wife’s desktop for their anniversary from two months ago, remember?) that I thought was just the dumbest thing. Uh, folders? There were so many folders you had to open and each folder had like one word in it. Booooo. Just tell me happy anniversary like a normal guy. FORGET! Am I right, ladies! This has gone off the rails. Anyway, that was my first (very negative) thought because maybe I am a (very negative) person. Like, just don’t do something dumb? Just do something nice and not in public.

In thinking about it more, though, as far as public wedding proposals go, this one is not so bad. At least he didn’t gather a crowd! And they seem very happy. Great. Good for them. I hope they spray paint lots of walls together forever. I’m sure they will have graffiti wedding invitations and that their wedding colors will be “graffiti.” Graffiti wedding dress. Instead of a guest book they’ll have a wall and spray paint and you tag it with your tag. The person marrying them will wear a Banksy monkey mask. (Via ViralViralVideos)

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  1. VIDEOGUM EVERYWHERE MISSION: Propose to your loved one in a private, personally appropriate manner.

  2. I THINK THE worst was THAT musical one. IN LIKE Disney or some SHIT. WHY’S IT always gotta be some CRAZY ASS story? Can I blame rom-coms? I’M fucking BLAMING rom-coms.

  3. “She like trees, pugs, graffiti and scrabble…any ideas?”

  4. Does someone need to tell him that there’s no “?” block in Scrabble? Is it weird that that’s what bothered me most about this?

  5. It’s spreading to prom invitations now. Enough. (Though this one was pretty cute)

  6. I would do that but I would just put a random girl’s name so hopefully one day a guy would be like hey honey could you go to chase bank for me and she would see it and be so excited and then it would be so awkward that he would have to go through with it.

  7. The end of this video makes you feel like a private investigator. I feel like I need report this video to this guy’s real wife.

  8. They’re going to need a pretty big wall to write out the prenup.

  9. I mostly hate public proposals (especially ones that are filmed) because it always feels like the spectacle and the video are the point, rather than the proposal.
    I don’t get that feeling from this one. It’s a beautiful picture (community beautification!), with lots of personal details, and the video is nice in the background. I even get the feeling that they only filmed it for themselves, to remember what they did (and for her to see later).
    If someone did this for me, I wouldn’t punch them in the face.

  10. I call bullshit. Everyone knows you can’t use proper nouns in Scrabble.

  11. I feel like there’s a triple word score joke in here somewhere, but I’m lazy so I’ll just type this instead.

  12. My biggest complaint is that he outsourced the whole painting process. Do it your self if this girl means that much to you. And if you can’t graffiti, then don’t prose via mural.

    Here’s how I imagine their conversation:
    “OMG! Like, did you do this yourself? You’re such a badass!”
    “Erm.. naw babe, I just paid some dudes $500 to do it… ’cause I LOVE you.”

    • That philosophy is going to limit a lot of what you can do to propose… Even dinner out would seem to violate your code…

    • Waitaminute- You’re saying you can’t commission skilled people to do things for you to give to other people? How will skilled people ever find work?

      You’re telling me he didn’t solder the ring himself?! WHAT THE HELL?! OUTRAGE!!!

      • I don’t think artisans make a significant portion of their livings off of people proposing. But you’ve got a point. I was just mad because throughout the whole video I was wondering which painters was proposing. Turns out it was a random dude who was not in the video until the proposal occurred. It seems like a really hands off way to make such a grandiose gesture.

    • I see where jamsc is coming from. If you’re going to make a proposal off-the-wall crazy (heh), then it should be in a way that really reflects the individuals effort and personality. Unlike the “I’ve never painted graffiti before and don’t plan on it, but I have a lot of money and wouldn’t that be a cute way to propose” approach that this guy takes.

      That being said, it was still a really nice gesture from a guy who will probably have a happy marriage.

  13. What about the mural that was beneath it? Did he get that guy’s permission to paint over it. Kind of dick move, proposal guy.

  14. It just feels like SO MUCH work. I mean, she’s not going to forget the day she gets proposed to. Does it HAVE to be all crazy and shit? I mean, whatever, but if you ask me… here’s my point. My friend got proposed to in bed one morning. They’re talking and putting off getting ready for the day an she just rolls over, and there her husband is with a ring. How great is that?! It’s romantic and beautiful and unexpected and FREE.

    • And EXACTLY what happens to Julia Roberts in Step Mom!

      • But in Stepmom, Julia Roberts also gets the ring put on her hand with a spool of thread, because that was what was in the ring box. ??? Yeah, I don’t know why I remembered that. (Oh God, now I’m watching the scene on YouTube)

  15. The future Mrs. Brainwash must be so excited!

  16. I feel like he could have worn something better to make it a little more traditional with the whole “down on bended knee” thing.

    “He proposed to me with a graffiti mural but for some reason I can remember it being laundry day, too.” – future Caitlin

  17. I can admit it. His proposal was better than mine.

     ╠      ▪<"()=╔=╗╗'

  18. If i could do it all over again, I definitely would have done it like this:

  19. None of these public proposals have anything on a buddy of mine’s proposal:

    So, my good friend Ben, who is usually a very confident, charismatic (non-douchey) alpha-type male took his now-wife out to dinner. After they ate and were sitting there letting their food settle, he had planned a nice little romantic preface to the question. But he only got as far as “Laura…” before he started to tear up, after which he managed to sputter out “I love you… I… love you. I love you…” reaching his knee by the end of it. He pulled out the ring and literally couldn’t say a word, just grin and hold back tears. She started crying too, said yes, and the whole restaurant clapped.

    I don’t know, that, even to a grumpy cynic like myself, is just genuinely heartwarming and a million times better than one of these stunt proposals.

    • My fiance proposed in our kitchen. It was so understated, spontaneous and sweet, and to me it was perfect. Yet I still encounter the occasional asshole who asks how he proposed, and after I tell them, scrunches up their face and goes, “Really? That’s it?!”

      And every single time I fight back the urge to karate chop them in the face.

  20. See, I named my proposal attempt for an early-18th-century text that viciously denounced the policies that kept the Irish underclass living in a state of starvation and despair by satirically suggesting we might as well buy and eat their children’s flesh, because no one seems to care whether they live or die. Romance!

    • And that was my first observation of the video too!

      …plus it was at the beginning, Harke. JEEZ..

    • I noticed that too. Mmm, lovely thoughts. I kept feeling like he must have heard the phrase somewhere and thought ‘yes, that perfectly sums up my marriage proposal! It’s modest, isn’t it, to pay someone to draw it on a wall?’ Ah dear.

      Also this is around the way from where I live, I just saw it in real life! Weird. It does not compare in awfulness to the Royal Wedding mural one street behind it, which features a picture of william and kate looking like malformed horses, with drunken angels waving at them.

  21. I’m gonna propose to my wife by feeding the ring to my dog and then having it poo it out and then telling her to go pick up the poo.

  22. While just on the other side of the wall, another home was foreclosed. And thus the cosmos remained in balance.

  23. I feel like it took them far too long for such a dull and simple graffiti. #hatersgonnahate

  24. which idea came first: the idea to marry this woman, or the idea to create a time lapse video in hopes for internet attention?

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