Over the weekend, Fred Phelps and phriends staged a Classic Westboro Baptist Church Protest at Arlington National Cemetery because God Hates Fags In Uniforms. Honestly, I’ve never fully understood the Westboro Baptist Church’s protests outside of military funerals. Surely there is something gayer than a military funeral? Oh, don’t get me wrong, military funerals are VERY GAY, I’m sure. But also no they’re not. Anyway, this year’s Annual Hate Bowl 2011 drew some anti-Westboro Baptist Church protesters, too. People who had decided they didn’t agree with the Westboro Baptist Church’s views and opinions, and that they were going to exercise their constitutional right to free speech and say “no way, homophobic Jose!” I’m talking, of course, about the KKK. WAIT, WHUUUUUUT?! Aye-aye-aye. Hahaha. There is precedent for this, of course, in the landmark supreme court case of Asshole v. Asshole.

It’s like they say, keep your friends’ clothes and your enemies The Closer. (No one says that.)

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  1. This is like that time the juggalos flung poo at Tila Tequila, only way, WAY less sexy.

  2. I feel like the KKK did this just to show they’re still around

  3. If this isn’t a katamari of terrible, I do not know what is.

  4. “I’ve got brothers and sisters buried in this cemetery.”

    Note: not “bruthahs and sistas”.

  5. Okay. Today is way too confusing for me.

  6. The enemy of my enemy is my fr – nope, still my enemy.

  7. I was already having a hard enough time holding all my barf in today. Is this like when Fox News says they have fair and balanced coverage but then they just bring two people on to argue two equally wrong points of view? Is that like what this is?

  8. Um, I kinda love this? Like, the whole reason for the KKK showing up is because they know they’re giant assholes and are trying to find someone else who might be a bigger asshole as some kind of hilariously misguided PR maneuver? Of course, they are both equally the worse, but it’s sort of like the slapstick version of Jason showing up at the old Myers house and telling Michael, “Dude, the whole brutal murder of horny teenagers thing? NOT cool.”

    • “Grammar.” – That One

    • Oh man. Good job. This is the type of funny that if you were a comedian doing stand up I was watching on youtube I would put this on my facebook wall, but it being on videogum means I can only credit it to ‘That One’ and linking to this post would be SUCH an EFFORT.

      Also: My entire life is the internet and I am the worst.

  9. “Those Westboro Church guys are REAL assholes. Believe us, we’d know.” -The KKK

  10. This is pretty much a glimpse into the future of America: just small groups of like-minded people, cordoned off with portable fences, yelling at each other.

  11. I am too hungover for this! I can’t even come up with a good zinger. Let’s just stick with “WHUUUUUUT?”

  12. My college put on The Laramie Project and some of these nuts- the Westboro Baptist Church not the KKK- came & protested. Surprise! They were asshole

  13. Did anyone else catch that the KKK dude’s title was “Imperial Wizard”? That’s all I have to contribute.

  14. Speaking of “Worlds Been Had Collided”…

  15. Members of Westboro: It Does Not Get Better.

  16. Can we get BOTH groups after AT&T? Because that would be okay, NOBODY likes AT&T.

  17. So, it’s the KKK versus the WBC?

    It sounds suspiciously like a news team fight…..

    ‘No touching of the hair or face……’

  18. waaaaiiiiittt, wait, wait. The KKK leaders/members have position titles like, “Dennis LaBonte: Imperial Wizard, KKK”? That makes it sound like they are just a group of really hard-core D & D players…

  19. There is something completely fucked up in America when the KKK come off as the “good guys” in a situation.

    Also, is there a more offensive thing than hatemongering at a military funeral? Because if there is I would rather not hear about it.

  20. If anyone needs proof that there is no God, it’s that Fred Phelps hasn’t been incinerated by a lightning bolt. Your move, God… feel free to prove me wrong.

  21. More like KOOL Klux Klan!

    Hahhahaha I’m laughing a lot right now because I lied

  22. Whoever loses, we win.

  23. This is the KKK’s insidious new strategy: say two reasonable things you have to agree with, then slip in something racist.

    KKK: Don’t you hate those Westboro nuts?
    You: Yeah.
    KKK: They’re so crazy and hateful, I wish they would go back where they came from.
    You: Yeah, I hear you.
    KKK: So, uh, you wanna help me blow up a church?

  24. Godzilla vs Mothra = they are both monster destroyers

    Tim Burtons Batman movies vs Chip Nolan’s batman movies = they’re both terrible

  25. I wish the family members from the funeral would come out and start protesting the KKK’s support of them.
    “Thanks but no thanks KKK”

  26. In all those fast shots at the end, it gets pretty hard to tell the two groups apart.

  27. So much hate, so little completed secondary education.

  28. “We’re just here for the [non-homo, darkie, Kike or Catholic] soldiers.”

  29. The Westboro Baptist Church are the one thing that unites America, no matter your race, ethnicity, sexuality, or political stance, everyone hates those assholes. Thank god they only have 71 members.

  30. I think this requires a cage-match where two men enter and NONE leave.

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