While you were spending the weekend eating burnt veggie burgers and trying to figure out why the $10 iPod dock you bought at Walgreen’s wasn’t working, Hollywood was busy putting the final touches on WHAT YOU WANT. Just kidding. Hollywood doesn’t care about you. Sad story! They were, however, busy releasing some new movie trailers. Neat! Let’s take a look:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer, you guys:

There was a bunch of speculation on-line this weekend over whether or not this trailer was only made to LOOK like a bootleg trailer and if in fact it was an official trailer leaked by Sony. Cool. Cool speculation. GO OUTSIDE, DORKS. In any case, this movie looks good! I did not really like the book very much, although I hated it less than The Girl Who Played with Fire. Holy moly. This trailer doesn’t answer one question I’ve always had, though: how come all the ladies wanna bone Kalle Blomquist? Oh, because he is Daniel Craig. Gotcha.

Take Shelter trailer, you guys:

This trailer actually came out a week before the holiday weekend, but it looks really good! Do you want to talk about how good it looks and what an interesting and compelling actor Michael Shannon is, or do you just want to grump about how it actually came out a week before the holiday weekend? Typical.

50/50 Trailer:

Seth Rogen/Joseph Gordon-Levitt cancer comedy! AT LONG LAST! I genuinely hope that this is good. It’s hard to tell from this trailer! It could really go either way. But it is nice to see someone at least attempting to make a comedy that deals with a slightly more serious issue than having diarrhea in an airport bathroom? (Although I bet you there is still some kind of chemo-induced diarrhea-in-an-airport-bathroom scene in 50/50.) Fingers crossed!

Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World trailer, you guys:

Just kidding. We are not actually going to talk about the Spy Kids 4 trailer. I would like to say, though, that I really like the idea that if your stepmom is a spy, you will probably just get to be a spy? Like the spies will give you all their spy stuff just because your stepmom is also a spy even though you are only a child and then say “good luck with the spying” and now you’re a spy? Even after 9/11 the spies still do it this way.


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  1. At first I did not care for the idea of a comedy about cancer, but I think it’s starting to grow on me.

  2. That iPod dock joke was strangely accurate. It’s things like that that make me love Videogum. …I’d have constructed a better sentence there but God I am so hungover.

  3. I missed the 50/50 trailer and the Spy Kids one over the weekend. After I finished the 50/50 one I thought it looked pretty good, and worried that after seeing it, I might even cry. 30 seconds into Spy Kids I started bawling like a had a bad prostate exam.

  4. “Take Shelter” looks really good, but I can’t shake the thought that it makes me think of some bizarre “Sling Blade”/”Inception” crossover.

  5. Do you guys think Seth Rogen could ever make a movie that ISN’T in some way about weed? Probably not, right? It’s totally cool and not sad that legalizing marijuana, which we as a nation should probably do, would ruin that guy’s career.

    • And I know I’m pickin’ nits here ’cause it was five seconds of that trailer but come ON, Rogen. Like 99% of things don’t contain cannabis, it’s sooo easy.

      • I don’t know who is more one note — Rogen or George Michael Bluth. (Sorry, forgot his name, very tired… But it doesn’t matter as that guy is George Michael Bluth in EVERYTHING he does.)

        • I don’t really have a problem with actors who play the same part in everything they’re in. At least you know what you’re getting into. As long as they don’t go full retard and switch it up, so that you end up watching a movie where Robin Williams stalks a family after he develops their photos or whatever.

          • But what if the same character leads to every movie being the same? I can’t tell the difference between ANYTHING George Michael Bluth has been in… though I am also quite sure you could substitute that actor out with a potato, but it in Converse and a red hoodie and no one would be the wiser. Seth Rogen has avoided this to some degree, but only because of the projects he’s been assigned to do. And most of these Judd Apatow things are running pretty close together…

    • Or else he’d just move on to meth.

  6. Wait, can we talk about Spy Kids 4 for just a sec?


    All right, that’s all that needs to be said about that. All those other movies look really good! Quality movie entertainment. A+.

    • Can we all please just stop giving any attention to Joel Mchale? Just for a little while? Just sayin’, that would make it a lot easier for me to Single White Female myself into his life.

  7. I am looking forward to 50/50 and I hope it is good. I like JGL. I like Seth Rogen when his roles are written well. I’ve had my run in with cancer. I’ll probably be checking it out.

  8. I didn’t watch the Spy Kids trailer, but I was looking at the still up there and for the longest time (like 90 seconds or something) I was just like “Oh my god, why did his mom give him the LARGEST bowl of succotash???” but then I realized it was like Crunch Berries or something.

    Good story, I know. Not at all affected by 3 straight days of day drinking.

  9. This “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” trailer is REALLY COO– oops I’m having a seizure, brb.


    Jeff Nichols and Michael Shannon both did very good jobs on that film!


  11. Can we talk about how Jessica Chastain is suddenly starring in so many movies? Who is she? According to IMDB, she guest starred in Veronica Mars and some other TV shows before suddenly appearing in like 5 very big movies. I’m not complaining, just curious.

  12. Take Shelter looks very good to me. Remember the “The Shelter” Twilight Zone episode? “It’s ok…we’ll throw a big block party!” Or something. That is a great episode.

  13. I probably watched the Dragon Tattoo trailer about 20 times over the weekend. No downvoto, but I thought the Swedish film version was pretty bland.

  14. Joel McHale is in Spy Kids 4, ladies, and he’s married to Jessica Alba in the movie, gentlemen named Sir Steve Winwood

  15. Am I a bad person for liking the cover in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer? I feel like one.

  16. Guys, I’m worried that Seth Rogen is being typecast into the role of “Friend of the Terminally Ill.”

  17. I like the Stieg Larson books and the Swedish versions of them, so watching this trailer for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is disappointing. Mikhail Blomkvist is not supposed to be dashingly handsome like Daniel Craig, and Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander is nowhere near the punk she’s supposed to be. Way too conventionally beautiful. I really wish they had been able to get Noomi Rapace to reprise her role because she captured the dirty hacker/punk look and ethos of Salander. It’s really too bad that American audiences can’t appreciate well-done foreign films if they have subtitles.

    • Hey now, who said it was American audiences that have the final say of what the theaters show (besides our dollars, I guess, right?). The studios are the ones that decided to make Let Me In and release it backed by a huge marketing campaign rather than apply that same campaign to get people to see Let The Right One In (which was excellent).

      I mean, you are right in the sense that if the studios take a hit to their finances by mass rejection of what they are selling, they will take an active role in finding something better to sell, but the entertainment industry is such a marketing machine that they can basically throw enough money into the advertising campaign and the distribution of a film and make that cash back on the unsuspecting (but at this point, how are they not suspecting?) audiences.

      I have not seen the original Dragon Tattoo film. The only reason I am interested in the American version is because of Fincher’s involvement. Will it be a better film? Who knows? It will definitely be a film people already know has a built in audience and a fuckload of buzz swirling around it. It’s going to make them all their monies back and enough left over to start the process all over again. At least it’s not in 3-D. Yet (cross your fingers).

  18. So this Michael Shannon guy ISN’T Ray Liota? Learn something new everyday, I guess.

  19. “This trailer doesn’t answer one question I’ve always had, though: how come all the ladies wanna bone Kalle Blomquist?”

    To me, this was the central question to the entire series. Although he’s not quite as bad as Robert “I have a Mickey Mouse watch and I’m over 40″ Langdon.

  20. Michael Shannon – Best Actor 2012 (and always. Just best actor, always).

  21. These look pretty good. At that’s coming from someone who read a textbook on screenwriting!!

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