In a video for the Trevor Project, an organization aimed to stop LGBT youth suicide, George Takei responds to outspokenly anti-gay, now-resigned, Arkansas schoolboard member Clint McCance. And it is the best! It certainly helps that George Takei is already the best. And it also certainly helps that Clint “I Enjoy The Fact That They Often Give Each Other AIDS And Die” McCance is clearly the worst. Something does feel a little off to me, though, when the response to homophobic people is to call them gay. Since the way that it would effect them would be to insult them and, you know, that’s a little weird? “You hate Jewish people? Well guess what, YOU’RE a Jew. Ha-ha.” (Perfect example.) And the ha-ha was like Nelson from the Simpsons. But really I feel like this only because I am VERY liberal and also INCREDIBLY annoying. Oh my god so annoying. And anyway it is definitely true that probably in a fair amount of cases they are self-hating gay people and (in any case) it feels very good to call them that. It’s hard to be very liberal and also incredibly annoying! Watch this video:

Lolololololol. (Via reddit.)

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  1. I for real do not understand the use of “gay” as an insult. It is the only insult I can think of that is not insulting if it’s true. So basically, when you call someone gay as an insult, you’re actually confirming that you know that they are NOT gay, because if they WERE gay, then they wouldn’t be insulted?

    Also, George Takei is the best, I ain’t even gotta watch this video to know that.

  2. As a fellow super-annoying liberal, I want to be your friend so bad, Kelly. Let’s braid each other’s hair and feel really guilty about our white privilege (if only because I am tired of braiding my own hair and also that other thing alone).

  3. Clint “I Enjoy The Fact That They Often Give Each Other AIDS And Die” McCance sounds like a real piece of work. A real “I Enjoy The Fact That I Am An Ignorant Intolerant Ass-Wipe” kind of jerk. A real “I Enjoy The Fact That I Am Going To Be On The Wrong Side Of Everything Compassionate and Intelligent And Cool” kind of fathead. A real . . .

  4. On a related note, the light blue gingham button-down I have on today is wicked gay. It is not, however, a douchebag.

  5. “Don’t listen to the douchebags of the world” is pretty much the best advice.

  6. I love him! This totally cured my hangover. (Just kidding, NOTHING WILL CURE IT.)

    • Seconded. I also have a hangover and though this clip did make me chuckle, it’s going to be hours before I am a functional human.

    • Kombucha tea in ginger helps. And a bagel with cream cheese and a tomato. And water. And then Brawndo or something else with electrolytes — because that’s what plants crave.

      I am not hungover, but I am moving soon and spent most of my should be sleeping hours playing Tetris with my boxes of stuff last night so I am also in pain.

      I am old.

  7. George Takei always makes it a good day to be named Kevin (which I am not, unfortunately).


  9. I’ve seen the future and am happy to report that George and Clint eventually make up:

  10. He is very good at winking. Some people have to scrunch their face and it’s weird.

  11. Schoolboard guy is much more than a douchebag. He’s a absolute asshat. As we all remember from high school algebra (geometry?), asshat > douchebag.

  12. I’m a fan of Dan Savage’s response to the notion that one can chose to be gay.

    THE CHOICER CHALLENGE: Last week, the leader of British Columbia’s Conservative Party, John Cummins, told a radio interviewer that gay people shouldn’t be covered by the BC Human Rights Act because being gay is “a conscious choice.”

    Like truthers (9/11 was an inside job!), birthers (Barack Obama was born in Kenya!), and deathers (Osama bin Laden is alive and well and living in West Hollywood!), choicers would appear to be just another group of deranged conspiracy theorists who can’t be dissuaded by science or evidence or facts. And John Cummins isn’t the only choicer out there. We have lots of choicers right here in the United States (Tony Perkins, Rick Santorum, “Stephen Colbert,” et al.).

    But what if the choicers are right? What if being gay is something people consciously choose? Gee, if only there were a way for choicers to prove that they’re right and everyone else is wrong… actually, there is a way for choicers to prove that they’re right!

    I hereby publicly invite—I publicly challenge—John Cummins to prove that being gay is a choice by choosing it himself.

    Suck my dick, John.

    I’m completely serious about this, John. You’re not my type—you’re about as far from my type as a human being without a vagina gets—but I have just as much interest as you do in seeing this gay-is-a-choice argument resolved once and for all. You name the time and the place, John, and I’ll show up with my dick and a camera crew. Then you can show the world how it’s done. You can demonstrate how this “conscious choice” is made. You can flip the switch, John, make the choice, then sink to your bony old knees and suck my dick. And after you’ve swallowed my load, John, we’ll upload the video to the internet and you’ll be a hero to other choicers everywhere.

    It’s time to put your mouth where your mouth is, John. If being gay is a choice, choose it. Show us how it’s done.

    Suck my dick.


  13. So, isn’t a gay douchebag just a bidet?

  14. George Takei is for sure the best. If you have not seen his “Its OK to be Takei” video, I highly recommend it.

    It says a lot about my regard for him that I think he is even cooler now than while he was on Star Trek (that pretty much being the litmus test of cool for me).


  15. This could be reduced to “old!” but even so: this hasn’t been an issue for over seven months. This guy resigned in disgrace over his comments back in November. I mean, yes, he’s still a douchebag, but he’s not exactly a TOPICAL douchebag.

  16. Haters gonna hate, indeed.

  17. So here’s the real question. Who’s the bigger douchebag: Clint McCance, or the community that would elect him to a position where he’s in charge of a child’s future?

  18. Name-calling doesn’t solve much, but it feels so good.

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