Sex and the City VII: Carrie Goes To Mom Jail trailer, you guys. That might be unfair, actually. Just because Carrie had a great (long, I mean) run in a successful TV show and movie franchise doesn’t mean that she has to be defined by that character for the rest of her career. LOL, JK. It pretty much does. Because of her sharp face, I guess? Even if she didn’t just keep playing variations of that same character, which she will never stop doing, she will only be Carrie. “Carrie Bradshaw IS Legolas,” is what people would say if she were cast as Legoas. “Carrie Bradshaw IS Jason Bourne.” Life could be worse. But anyway, this movie. One the one hand it has Seth Meyers, cute, but on the other hand it has VANESSA, gross. And on all the other hands it just looks like every movie about how a woman JUST CAN’T BALANCE her career and her family OR CAN SHE? But Joan Holloway and Kim Kelly are also in it. So I guess what I’m saying is, congratulations Seth Meyers. You have a real name! (Via Vulture)

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  1. With this trailer we finally have proof that Olivia Munn and Kelsey Grammer are, in fact, not the same person. Case closed.

  2. (Obligatory “Women be shoppin’” reference.)

  3. I don’t know how they managed to make something so repugnant I won’t even watch it on TBS based solely on the trailer. Oh right, Olivia Munn.

  4. I also just don’t know what it is that she is doing. Whatever it is and however she is doing it, I just want her to stop.

  5. AT the end of the movie, it turns out to have been one big product placement when we finally find out how she does it:

    • My horse has the cleanest Mane and the cleanest Tail in town, but woe this filthy body how ever shall i clean it? If only there was some way to clean all three things!

      (I’ll take my commercial royalties in cash form please, Straight Arrow company)

  6. As long as Mr. Big is in the movie, I’m in. One question though, does her studio contract rider state that she MUST narrate every movie she does?

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    • also, this movie looks awful.

    • Haha, I have a feeling you’ll be just a highest rated, editor’s choice and caption competition away from an EGOT soon.

      • Naah, downvotes for sure, but this won’t go lowest-rated. It’s a Friday, people tend to stop voting after the cutoff for the week’s Monster’s Ball. Plus it’s a Friday before a 3-day weekend, so people are feeling a bit more charitable than usual today.

    • I’m not gonna downvote you or bite your head off, and I agree that a colon (ha) might work better than a period (hahaha) in this situation, but….. just relax, bearface, it’s part of the humor of the site, are you gonna start getting peeved at the LOLspeak next?

      • In the end it’s just kinda like politely telling your wife you don’t like the dress she has on when she didn’t ask. She knows you love her, but it’s a bit unnecessary.

    • Ugh, this comment.

    • Bearface,

      I agree with you completely. Stay strong, brother. As I read this post, I wondered if there was a style guide or if Kelly was trying to emulate Gabe. I think Bearface raises some valid points. If the commentary on a video or link doesn’t add anything relevant to the cultural discussion, why include it at all?

      In the meantime, I think we can all use some happy little trees.

      All the best,

    • Never heard of artistic license? I’m sorry, have you never heard of artistic license? It’s like a driver’s license, except for talented people.

    • Bearface,

      Gabe’s writing style often mimicks, at least in part, a confused, rambling, speech pattern more than an actually written and composed, grammatically correct piece, and in a transcript of something that is spoken, “But anyway, this movie” could easily end with a period.

    • I think it would be annoying if this article were on Salon or The Atlantic’s website, but you have to look at the context. Videogum has a particular writing style that is pretty consistent across the board. Sometimes this style breaks “the rules” of grammar, but as long as the general idea is still communicated then it doesn’t really matter.

      Also, if we really want to get into a discussion, digital writing varies from traditional writing in many ways. Most digital writing mimics the norms of spoken word rather than written. Even the most eloquent of orator’s doesn’t always speek in complete sentences, it’s just the nature of language.

      And that folks, is the only time I will ever use my English minor.

    • Tip: Only grammar Nazis feel the need to say they’re not grammar Nazis. So there’s that.

      (See what I did there? That wasn’t a complete sentence. And that, Ladies & Gentlemen, is how the Allied Forces won WWII.)

  8. Sorry I couldn’t watch this I’m not an ‘Appropriate Audience’ for this kind of thing.

  9. It’s fun to imagine a screenwriter struggling over one scene at 2 in the morning, crumpled paper strewn about his study while an old TV set flickers silently in the other room. Defeated he makes his to the bar to pour himself a scotch when he sees it and the catharsis washes over him like a thousand springs:


  10. I can not hate SJP. Anyone who was in “Square Pegs” AND Girls Just Want to Have Fun AND Mars Attacks is aces in my book.

    That said, I still will not see this movie. Square Pegs waits for no one!

  11. This seems an appropriate place to continue my campaign for Failure to Launch to be in the hunt.

  12. Could someone please remind Greg Kinnear that he was nominated for an Oscar once? YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS GREG!

  13. what kind of movie is this? i thought they stopped making this kind of movie.

  14. Man, white people problems, huh?

  15. Well? What’s the big secret? How does she do it?

  16. Stopped watching after half a minute. As long as SJP will live, she can not use voice-over-narration. (Only in malls, right?)…. No, but this. It sounds, looks and feels like a SATC-spinoff.

  17. Ima see this because of Kim Kelly.

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