It would figure that Australia would have its own Nick Madson since it is an island of THIEVES! (Are we still doing that? I know it’s 2011, but we’re still making broad, mildly-insulting generalizations about the people of Australia based on ancient herstory, right?)

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  1. Haha, I love how Australian Nick Madson made jokes about Robbie Williams, almost as if to emphasize that he is different from American Nick Madson. Say what you will about America, we never let Robbie Williams get famous over here, so we can’t be ALL bad.

  2. So me and this koala ate so much vegemite while listening to INXS
    -my idea of what Australian stand up comedy would be

  3. It would figure that Australia would have its own Nick Madson since it is an island of THIEVES!

  4. Anytime it’s confirmed that the douchey-looking guy who is funny at parties sucks at stand-up, I am pleased.

    • Errrr, I think in this case he’s the douchey-looking guy who ruins parties by constantly trying to be the funny guy, but his strained desperation ruins the entire effect and instead makes everyone so uncomfortable that nobody wants to be in the kitchen with him and so nobody gets to eat the vegetable platter you brought.

  5. All jokes (regardless of authorship) aside, I do not understand this sort of behavior. Even Nick Madson was more acceptable than this. You’re going to steal someone’s comedy routine…on national television? The perfect crime, I’m sure. Nobody will ever figure that one out!

  6. I think we all know the proper punishment for this:

  7. “I’m taking this one all the way to the Prime Minister!” -Australia’s Got Talent

  8. True story, one of my ancestors was sent to Australia for stealing a rich man’s hankerchief.

  9. Ok guys, I have a story. A little bit ago I was in a local theater (ha!) production of Sweeney Todd. On the walls backstage there were posters of all the shows the theater has done. One of the posters was for a one night only stand up show. I was all “Where have I heard the name Nick Madson before?” That’s right, I have preformed on the same stage that THE Nick Madson plagerized at! I have met him! He was actually pretty nice!

    Anyway, what I’m getting at is if I get a copy of that poster and mail it to Gabe can I have some kind of reward?

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