It’s another classic case of Abed imitating life.

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  1. Oh, Busy Phillips. How I loved you on Dawson’s Creek…er *cough* I mean Freaks and Geeks. How I loved you as Audrey on Freaks and Geeks… KIM on Freaks and Geeks. Ha! *nervous laugh*

    I mean, who the hell watched Dawson’s Creek? Not me. I’ve never watched all the episodes of Dawson’s Creek, especially during a dark period of my life where I was unemployed and it was on TBS from 9 to 11 am, two episodes back-to-back.

    Geez, is that the time? Gotta go. *jumps out window*

  2. I guess you could say Cougar Town has gotten some…Pudi Tang.

    (haven’t figured out how to post pictures)


  3. I hope next Donald Faison and Donald Glover become best friends on tv or real life

  4. Needs more Troy.

  5. Finally! My two favorite shows, together at last!

  6. The best part is how Abed totally oversold Chad. It turns out Chad just runs away.

  7. Can I get a Hat-tip for this?

    I knew I should have signed the email Tyrannosaurus Sex, but personal experience suggests that it is usually best not to.

  8. This is the most irritating product placement I’ve ever seen. First of all, Subway is not that good. I mean, it’s nice in that sandwiches are tasty, but sandwiches are always tasty. There is nothing unique about Subway except the weird way they all pound the tops of those condiment bottles and the smell which coats you hours after you’ve left the building. Second, they aren’t that cheap. They’re like five dollars each! Cost for calories, that’s a huge rip off. You’d like like six sandwiches would maybe prevent starvation for a week. Maybe.

    • I have never thought to myself “thank god I found a Subway” more like “Oh I’m hungry, Subway is serving food now, I can do worse”

    • Subway was product-placed into It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, too. The problem I have with Subway (aside from generally subpar food) is the fact that every employee there seems completely soulless, as if they’ve given up entirely on their lives.

      But Apple still wins the award for most/worst product placement. Lifetime achievement award.

      • I never understood product placement… Like am I gonna be like Busy Phillips eats those gross sandwiches in that TV Show so now I’m gonna eat them!!!

        • One time I went into the Subway by my work and the roast beef was tinted green! Never went back in! It was very obviously green and nobody cared! They were doling it out and people were eating it, I felt like I was in that scene from Troll 2!

      • But it was sooo blatant that it felt meta… like when Liz Lemon turned to the camera and asked if they could have their money now. And to have Abed in that particular scene? He IS the guy who would be down for awkward product placement so it seemed to work. I raised my grape to that scene. And then I pounded it down like I was in CougarTown.

    • On a road trip a few years back, my wife and I delayed dinner for three hours rather than eating at Subway.

      • I once had a guy fired from Subway for not properly heating my sandwich that clearly was supposed to be hot. This was when I was young and idealistic and really believed that I should walk into a Subway and expect a quality product. I know better now.

    • i think subway only hires people who hate everyone & everything on the face of the planet. the one on my college campus was always really busy. i was there once, really late at night, and the line was very long. one of the employees was making fun of all the people in the line. he was really laying into this heavy-set girl a few people behind me. he must have mistaken my staring at him for genuine interest (in fact, i was making sure he didn’t touch my sandwich because he had all these open sores on his hands and face) because he turned to me and said “this girl’s a b—-, you know what i mean?” i didn’t answer, which enraged him and we got into a little but of a argument. (long story short, i told him to go —- himself with a footlong.)

  9. Seeing this cameo last night did nothing except make me sad that Community is over for the season all over again. I WAS DOING FINE UNTIL YOU CAME ALONG!

  10. Also, they had some good Scrubs callbacks last night with Gooch running off with Hootch. And you can’t stop something like that because Hootch is CRAZY.

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