I’m really glad I’m here because I feel like the thing Videogum was really lacking before was lots of videos of cute dogs doing one thing for twice as long as necessary. I like this puppy a lot because I feel like everyone can relate to it. No one likes to wake up! It always takes lots of coaxing and promises of treats and reminders of the things you have going for you in your life. Correct? Also the speaker in this video sounds like Marcel the Shell when Marcel is dragging the lint on a string. “Come here come heereee.” Right??? You’re welcome, I’m sure figuring out what it reminded you of was bothering everyone exactly as much as it was bothering me. (Via Cute Overload)

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  1. Multilingual puppy videos are the best.

  2. That puppy flops around too effortless, it’s like an olympic figure skater puppy


  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if a tsetse fly was hanging out just off-screen.

  5. Hey HAND leave that purpy ALONE!!!! He needs his Zs to grow and be strong!!! Shame on you, HAND!

  6. That puppy is really sleepy!

  7. SPOILER ALERT: The puppy was dead the whole time.

  8. Never wake a sleeping puppy.

  9. Today (everyday) we are all this dog.

  10. I have seen some cute animal videos with some pretty annoying human people in them, so I feel like the human person in this video deserves an award or something for having probably the cutest voice I’ve ever heard. Best Supporting Human in a Dog Film (Short) goes to… this lady!

  11. Alright Kelly, you can get a dog.

  12. Where’s Baby Friday? Is she dead? Did this kill her?

    It was only a matter of time.

  13. I’m pretty sure this dog uses the same floppy physics engines as seen in video games.

  14. i would like to clone this dog 10 times and then lay on a giant fluffy bed with these 10 puppies flopping about in the morning, refusing to wakeup alongside them.

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