Well, right. Of COURSE Justin Bieber, a 12-year-old actress from Canada famous for her role as Justine Biebo in the 3D movie Never owns a jewel-encrusted necklace in the shape of a Family Guy character that is worth $25,000. What? Is she going to NOT own a jewel-encrusted necklace in the shape of a Family Guy character that is worth $25,000? Be realistic! It’s called “balling out of control” and the ladies love it. (By ladies, of course, I mean other 12-year-old girls, the same age and gender as Justin Bieber.) Guys, I’m just kidding, Justin Bieber is not a girl. He’s a boy, silly! Also, he was in a 3D movie, but it was a concert film. He’s not an actor (yet), he’s a chanteuse! I said all those things as a goof. You know what’s not a joke, though? Justin Bieber really does own a jewel-encrusted Stewie chain that’s worth $25,000 and that is ridiculous. (Via PopCultureBrain.)

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  1. this is the way the world ends
    this is the way the world ends
    this is the way the world ends
    not with a bang but a $25000 cartoon chain

  2. They were all out of $25,000 Cleveland Show chains, what else was he going to do?

  3. Meanwhile, Isaac Hanson is staring at his bejeweled Bart Simpson necklace with a wistful look in his eye.

  4. Not as ridiculous as a giant black man in a Ramones shirt.

    I’ll show myself out….

  5. I know I sound like an old man complaining about kids’ shoes these days…but what the fuck are on his feet?

  6. Gotta hand it to the jeweler, though, for being able to do such detailed work while simultaneously laughing uncontrollably and rolling around in a giant pile of money.

  7. Still not as bad as Chris Brown’s Kirby chain.

  8. New money is so gauche.

  9. Ellen Page is pretty, F to the Y.I.

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  11. Are we sure this isn’t actually just a scene from Family Guy?

    Something like: “ohhh, this is like the time when Justin Bieber walked around with a $25K Stewie Chain and a bodyguard in a Ramones shirt.” (queue remembering sequence.)


  13. He is an actor he was in multiple episodes of CSI and that counts, yo -Justin Beiber’s manager

  14. “Famous Beverly Hills jeweler Jason Arasheben tells TMZ, he and Bieber designed the Stewie pendant together — adding, Justin ‘had a specific vision for how he wanted it to look.’”

    Bieber: “Yo! I got a mad vision for a pendant. Like, you know that baby from the Family Guy? Stweie? We make a Stewie pendant, but all, like, blinged out. Can we make it hap’n, Cap’n? For like 25,000 ducats?”

    Arasheben (looks at box of rhinestones under the counter): “I believe we could.”

    • So we’re calling watching TV having a vision now? “Please make me a necklace based on the Stop Reusing Your Old Catheters infomercial, the muses have spoken to me!”

  15. If there wasn’t a close up I would have thought that was his pacifier.

  16. Judge Judy makes over $40 Million a year – do you think she has a $50,000 necklace with Jerry Springer’s face on it?

  17. I wonder if it opens up and has lipgloss inside….

  18. I bet that old white guy has never even heard of Nirvana and he’s wearing a plaid shirt!

  19. Correction: That pendant is not WORTH $25,000. That’s what he paid for it. It is worth negative dollars, because the even the diamonds that went into it have been tainted by association with Stewie and Justin Bieber.

  20. I am spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to be a lawyer, and will probably be in debt for the rest of my life.

    Elsewhere, people are starving and have no access to basic healthcare.

    So, it just makes sense that Justin Bieber owns this necklace. I mean, it’s not like this money could’ve been used to do anything but make the world’s ugliest and most pointless necklace.


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