In honor of today’s news that there would be a major motion picture made about Sarah Palin, Twitter responded in classic Twitter-style with a hashtag game called #PalinFilmNames. (Via @annaholmes.) That is SO like Twitter?! And just in time for a holiday weekend. Are you guys going to any Memorial Day parties? Is that even a type of party? Like, a theme for a party? What kind of costume will you wear? Uncle Same beard, of course, but what else?! Well, once you’ve got your outfit picked out and you get to the party, stand under the mistletoe (am I doing this right?) and suggest everyone participate in a mildly-political, pun-based word game from the Internet! What fun. Like so:

  • Jingoism All The Way
  • When Hate-y Met Stupid
  • The Jerk
  • Everyone Says I Hate Her
  • The Suckfest Club

These are good entries. I probably won. Did I win? See you at the picnic, bring my prize!

Comments (103)
  1. The Serena Joy Story


  2. Very Bad Things

  3. A Very Goofy Movie

  4. The Far-Right Stuff

  5. Don’t Lean On Me (Fend For Yourself, Poor and Disabled People)

  6. Who’s Afraid of Alaska Whoops?

  7. Never Be Head Of State

  8. Senseless in Seattle

  9. Hunt For The Red Powersuit

  10. The Former Vice Presidential Candidate’s Hate Speech

  11. Kiss Kiss Bangs Bangs

  12. The Man Who Came To Dinner Was A Tea Partier And Would Not Shut The Fuck Up About Sarah Palin

  13. Hope-y Change-y Floats

  14. The Bridges of Madison County To Nowhere

  15. A History of Incompetence

  16. She Gotcha Game

  17. One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest

  18. Grizzly Mom

  19. The Accused 2: Pay For Your Own Rape Kit, Slut

  20. Birther of a Nation

  21. Eat Hunt Pray

  22. Broken 2: Election Hullabaloo

  23. Wild Wild Wasilla

  24. Illegitimate Baby Mama

  25. The Seventh Seal (because if she was elected it would be a sure sign of the Apocalypse — Revelations jokes right?)

  26. Romy and Michelle Bachmann’s High School Reunion

  27. I thought they already made Hobo With a Shotgun…

  28. Tea’s All That

  29. The Snow Machinist

  30. She Hate Me (Unless I’m A Fetus)

  31. (I Shot) White Fang

  32. Joe Six Packs of Separation

  33. Raging Bullshit

  34. I (heart) aww-shucks-a-bees

  35. Throw Bristol’s Momma From The Train

  36. All Quiet on the Western Front Porch that I can see Russia from, Yoobetcha

  37. American Psycho

  38. Anarchy in the UK

  39. Winter’s Bonehead

  40. (I Don’t Watch) Broadcast News

  41. Mystery, Alaska

  42. Meet Joe Six Pack

  43. The Devil Wears Liz Claiborne

  44. Well gee, the Rogue Traitor, of course, also

  45. Forgetting Sarah Palin

  46. True Twit

  47. The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Fall Nominations

  48. The Joyless Luck Club

  49. An American Tail 2: Palin Goes to Arizona because Mexicans Need Identification

  50. Mississippi Burning Returns

  51. what’s eating gilbert grape kits?

  52. 4 universities and a junior college

  53. From Russia with My House

  54. Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad White Woman

  55. Harry Potter and the Deathly Panel

  56. Unforgivable

  57. A Rube With a View (of Russia)

  58. slow, cheap, and out of control


  60. moulin rogue!

  61. Queen of the Damned

  62. Crazy/BOOtiful

  63. True Lies Which Were Not Intended to Be Factual Statements

    more like #TeaPartyMovies but still

  64. John and Sarah Run for White Castle
    John and Sarah are in Favor of Guantanamo Bay

  65. Sarah, Palin Tall.

  66. You Betcha Life

  67. Herstory, Alaska

  68. She’s Just Not That Into Not Seeing Alaska From Her Porch

  69. The Wolf Hunter

  70. Who’s Nailin’ Palin

  71. How to Lose an Election in 10 Months

  72. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfpack?

  73. Citizen Cunt.

  74. Triumph of the Will

  75. Helicopter Dances With Wolves

  76. Fistful of Wolf Pelts

  77. Good Gabby Hunting

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