You know, at a certain point we ARE going to have to decide whether or not it’s best to just shut down the whole Internet. I’m not saying we have to solve the problem today necessarily (although my mind is definitely made up) but we’re going to have to cross that bridge sooner or later. And then burn that bridge to the ground. And then build a 10-foot-high, electrified fence topped with barbed wire around the entrance to the bridge with signs posted reading “DO NOT ENTER GARBAGE BRIDGE GO READ A BOOK OR JUST GO TO SLEEP WARNING DANGER.” And then build a wall around the fence. And then go colonize space. But enjoy it for now! (Thanks for the tip, Tortilla Blanket.)

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  1. Our camera person is who now? Vinium? I’m lost.


  3. This guy is full of crap

  4. I should have watched this before my office toilet exploded today (real story!).

  5. ToiLet’s not watch this video!

  6. this dude is boring somebody change the urine channel

  7. Skin…lotion? Huh? Are you guys all doing that? You should stop doing that!

  8. What are those subliminal flashes all about? I keep trying to get the one at 2:11 but it’s only like one frame plus I’m kinda afraid to see what it is.

  9. Self-defense rule #1: Never go with an old man to a second bathroom.

  10. I agree with Gabe; thanks for the tip, Tortilla Blanket! I was actually wondering how to use one of those things, and I’m glad to know that you’ve got me covered.

  11. “Whatever happens, make sure he subscribes to Interlac’s channel on Youtube.”


  12. Judging from those shallow breaths, I’d say he’s as excited about making this video as I am about watching it!

  13. Hey now. If you guys don’t pay close attention and follow his toilet tips urine a lot of trouble.

  14. We don’t have cable, so which is the “Urine Channel”?

  15. Whoa, Robert, cool it with the ‘little boys’ talk when you’re in the bathroom.

    • I was so thrown off by him calling his toilet “especially suitable for little boys” that I didn’t even hear him explain how men clear their urine channel moments later. Good thing I watched that segment a second time to make sure I heard him right.

      • This makes believe he insists his grandsons use that particular toilet, NEVER the other toilet.

        “Geeze, grampa, I’m 13! I know how to use a toilet!”

        “Like hell you do, watch the video again!”

  16. There’s urine channel now? You mean I don’t have to set up cameras in public bathrooms any more?

  17. I have to call the doctor now and ask where my urine channel is. I don’t think I’ve been cleaning it properly.

    • I am pretty sure I am a big ol’ mutated X man because I have never cleaned a urine channel, but you guys, I AM GREAT AT PEEING. I AM SO GREAT AT IT.

  18. this guy has a whole site of home hygiene tips:

    This is our generation’s Book of Leviticus.

  19. I get it! Stepping STOOL!!!!!

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