It’s unfortunate when you realize things about yourself that you would not like to have be about yourself. Like the embarrassing degree to which you enjoy advice columns, or how you don’t like many movies only because two hours is kind of too long, or how you love internet videos of dogs wanting so badly to not take a bath. Awwwww. I am very proud of this dog. Live Strong, dog! Baths are the worst! If you were my dog you would never take a bath and neither would I. Be my dog! (Via Arbroath.)

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  1. This dog just hasn’t discovered Lush yet. Someone get him a Big Blue Bath Bomb stat!

    • I don’t know how anyone can work at that store. I’m sure each individual soap smells good, but a whole store of all those fragrances mixing together is nauseating. The same goes for Bath and Body Works. And Abercrombie. Although Abercrombie is just one disgusting smell.

  2. I’m melting. Oh what a world, what a world. I told you I did not want to take a bath but did you listen? No, and now you have a puppy puddle.

  3. That’s one giant diaphragm.

  4. you could change the title of this post to ‘supersloth’s baptism’ and it would work out identically.

  5. My dog has learned to accept baths with a quiet hate. He knows if he struggles, if he escapes the tub it just takes longer. SO he puts on his grumpiest face and just powers through it. “I better get a treat at the end of this bullshit.” of course pal. of course.

  6. Once all the other dogs see this on their computers, this little guy is going to be so embarrassed.

    • I don’t know, I think he starts a rebellion, like that kid who punched his bully or the cats who dream in that one Neil Gaiman story. If I had a dog, I’d have to limit his YouTube use after this.

  7. Doggs don’t like to get their hair wet.

  8. Planking is already moving into the animal world… this is not a good sign.

  9. At least one part of that dog seems happy about a bath

  10. Truth about bathtime: farts happen.

  11. Baths are dangerous, family guy has had be in therapy for years.

  12. Ain’t no body gonna make. me. wet. #twss

  13. I would post a cute video of my giving my goddog a bath, but since those just end with me naked in the shower with him, I don’t think it is appropriate. Now I want to post a picture of just him but I don’t know how to post pictures from the computer, only the internet.

  14. “Cool Dog” – This guy:

    P.S. – Apparently there are naked pictures of Jeff Probst on the internet? Thanks Google (no thanks). Hi IT department!

  15. She’s right! Two hours IS just kind of too long a lot of the time!

    • Yet I have no problem in watching 4 episodes of Game of Thrones in a row.

      • Exactly! I can’t sit on the couch and watch a 2 hour movie, but put on a Law & Order marathon where I have seen every episode at least twice already and I will happily sit there all day. What is wrong with me?

  16. I’m glad I noticed that this post comes from Kelly, because my first reaction was “Gabe is anti-dogbath? Birdie must be so stinky!”

  17. My family has always washed our dogs like they were in county lock-up. They remain standing on a leash. Then it’s “Okay gentlemen, you’ve both been in county before I’m sure, here it comes.” (j/k) It’s not really that harsh.

    The dogs stand (of course), we spray them down gently (and never in the face, because that’s really mean!), we suds them up, scrub scrub scrub with a shampoo brush, spray them down and towel them off. All of our dogs have always been too ungainly for a bathtub full of water.

    Dog showers for everybody!

    • We do the dog shower too! Only when we have the dreaded “dog rolled around in poo” emergency. The rest of the time we take him to the groomer. I don’t know what goes on there.

  18. A modest proposal: Get a larger bathing tub.

  19. This is me being forced to watch a Nicholas Sparks movie with my ex-wife.

  20. Score another one for team cat: they’re so awesome they bathe themselves.

  21. When my sister was younger, she could not have a normal bath experience for a good year because she saw the episode of Rugrats where Chuckie gets sucked down the bathtub drain and naturally she thought the same would happen to her.

  22. Just the tip!

  23. I hope the Geneva Convention doesn’t find out about this.

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