Q: American or cheddar? A: Cheddar. Medium rare, please. And more!

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  1. If the President Of Cheese happens to be reading this, could you do me a solid? Just stop making American Cheese? Seriously, who’s bright idea was it to take Cheddar and say, “You know, this is okay, but I wish it tasted more milky.” Go away American Cheese! You’re giving us a bad name, and we already have Donald Trump.

  2. I’ll have the Middle East Combo, but no baba ghanoush.

  3. So i think we can add Louis CK to the list of people who want to bang Bill Clinton. I mean, c’mon. Who isn’t on that list?

  4. Worlds Been Had Colliding: Louis CK and Jay Leno edition. Gabe, how are you dealing with this? “I really like Jay” -Louis CK

  5. “Let’s keep whatever happened between Louis and Letterman remain a mystery and not ask any more questions. But let’s also make sure everyone knows EXACTLY what I ordered for lunch. And that my father used to beat me.”

    –Scott Raab, Professor Interviews

  6. Videogum Everywhere Mission: Let’s start a Facebook campaign to get Louis C.K. on Letterman!

  7. Things I learned from reading that article:

    I really like Louis C.K.. I really don’t like that interviewer. I really want a hamburger.

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