People often grossly underestimate the importance of telephone manners. Actually, no, that’s very true. That was going to be a joke about this video (tears up speech, throws it away) but now I’m thinking about it and these days it’s like nobody’s parents even bothered to teach them telephone manners AT ALL. Or their videos. “Didn’t your video teach you any manners?” is what people will ask in the future. For example, everyone on every bus I have ever been on has been on the phone the entire time, with NO exaggeration. And people at CD stores can be very rude when you call to see if they have any “Boy Band CDs.” Learn some manners! This video is very important, everyone should have to watch this video. (Via Everything Is Terrible)

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  1. remember to put sunglasses on your horse while making calls

  2. I think it’s pretty mean for the blonde one to emphatically gesture toward her friend when she says “The telephone was invented by a MAN!”

  3. I imagine most kids will just be totally flabbergasted at this video’s insinuation that a telephone is a thing you use to TALK to people.

  4. If only those Asians in the library would’ve have seen this video.

  5. “C’MON! FOLLOW US!”

  6. Shut up and drive!!! There. Now I feel better.

  7. They seem pretty young to have so many hang-ups.

  8. Where’s the rapper from ARK Music Factory? Shouldn’t he have a verse about sexting?

  9. Do I need to apologize for New Mexico? I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again.

    Hold on, BRB.

  10. A little known fact about A.G. Bell: He is considered a villain in the Deaf community. He stumbled upon the telephone while trying to make a hearing aid for his Deaf wife. He started the oralist movement in America, which banned sign language in Deaf schools. In fact today the Alexander Graham Bell association is still pushing an oralist agenda which promotes lip reading over American Sign Language.

  11. Not cool, says Elisha Gray. Not cool.

  12. Whoops, plagiarist comment day has come for me today.

  13. Oh my god, I just thought about hair wraps for the first time since 2002.

  14. If we’re following the Spoonful of Sugar theory, did they think that the telephone history lesson was going to make the manners lecture more exciting, or vice versa?

  15. I can’t watch this at work, but related (maybe) story:

    I had to teach a guy I dated to say some form of “Bye” at the end of a phone call. Constantly I would be on the phone with him and he would just hang up after answering a question or something. I soon realized he was like that with everyone. I think he might have been raised by movies where everyone’s constantly much too busy to politely end a phone call.

    Now he’s my ex, and he still sucks, but at least he knows how to end a conversation.

  16. “come on! follow us! FOR EVER. AND EVER. AND EVER.”

  17. the brown one is a mini rebecca black that is where she got her lyric skillz

  18. The “instant replay” sounds just like Gabe’s “excited” delivery in the Gabe & Max videos

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