Here’s a very exciting new development in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II news. It’s a poster! And a thing even more exciting than a movie trailer, like the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II trailer that was released about a month ago, is a movie poster. And that is for reasons that we all know.

“It All Ends.” Red splotches. Dirty face. Open mouth. What does it mean! I don’t keep a very close watch on the Harry Potter series like Gabe kind of does (same link), but I have been to the Harry Potter park at Universal Studios (jealous) and if I can say one thing about that it would be that it is BS that you can’t use your Express Pass Plus ticket on the “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” ride because maybe that’s why you BOUGHT your Express Pass Plus ticket in the first place and you can’t get your money back and it was expensive. But then I guess it doesn’t really matter when you get down to it because that ride is worth a 40+ minute wait. It is an incredible ride!

But anyway from what I can tell the poster probably has something to do with how it is the last Harry Potter movie and how he is at a night club (?) and it was rainy and he fell in the mud (?) and he is about to say something to someone who is taller than he is. Right? I think that is a very good guess.

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  1. It all ends July, 15? Enough with the rapture predictions already!

  2. “It All Ends”?


    “Booo! Hiss! Boo that man!” – everyone, everywhere

  3. What’s in the hatch?

  4. I’ve stayed silent on this matter long enough. I am fucking pissed that the scar is off to the side like that. Maybe I’m retarded but when I read the first book I always imagined the scar was in the middle of his forehead. Maybe I missed the part where they said it wasn’t but that’s how I imagined it and it has ruined my enjoyment of this complete series of movies.

  5. It looks like Harry fell asleep at a Hogwarts rager and a bunch of Slytherin bros drew dicks and ‘GAY’ on his forehead and then he couldn’t completely wash it off and then they started pointing laser pointers at him for some reason. IT ALL ENDS GETS BETTER

  6. How long has it been? 15 years? And Harry hasn’t considered contact lenses? Seems like if I were getting into that much action and adventure (ladies…), I’d consider something a bit less cumbersome.

    A different style a frames at the very least?

    • Or he can magically improve his eyesight

      • Well he DOES magically repair his glasses. A lot. And also, those weren’t as unstylish in the 1990s, when this was supposed to take place.

        • Also the kid was an orphan kept under the stairs at his aunt and uncles’ place for 10 years. He might not want to waste his Gringott’s fortune on fancy things like contact lenses. Plus I don’t think Diagon Alley has a glasses shop or an eye surgeon. And these kids learned pretty quickly not to do vain spells on themselves. I don’t even know if I’d trust Hermione to fix my eyes until she’s past her 7th year… and they never really mention if they do the 7th year.

        • If I were a wizard the first thing I would fix is my eyesight. And then my scoliosis. And then my TMJ. And then my social anxiety. And then my wardrobe. And then my abilities. And I would make myself have already seen all of The Wire.

  7. Sorry, Harry Potter is for kids and not for me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go day dream about piloting the Millennium Falcon through the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.

  8. I share Kelly’s rage about the whole Hary Potter ride/express pass plus thing. But don’t let it stop you from going. It is really GREAT! Sorry, I love rides.

  9. Kelly, I’m really jealous. Did you buy a wand? Whose wand did you get? Is it worth a trip to Florida because I hate Florida but I really really really want to go!!! How much is stuff to do and how much is it a giant mall?

  10. It’s called Deathly Hallows because Harry finds his first gray pubic hair. Is it too much to ask for the cast of these extended movie franchises to be put into suspended animation in between movie productions to keep them from aging more than the actual movie time-line?

  11. More like Harry Potter and the Deathly Moustache

  12. To be fair Harry Potter is like 5’5″ in real life (also named Daniel Radcliffe or something? WEIRD!) so he could just be talking to, like, Ron or something. (maybe they’re going to kiss! OH! slash fic DOES come true! ♥ )

  13. A+ thread, +32.

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