First of all, YES, obviously. “One adult for the movie with the felt toys in it, please.” We are all going to see this and that’s the end of that. But I do wish Amy Adams’s character was going to be more like her character in The Fighter. I also think they could have done a better job with the “fake” romantic comedy trailer thing here. Tropic Thunder came out three years ago. David Foster Wallace is dead. If you’re going to be self-aware and parodic, do it right. But like I said, YES.

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  1. I hate that Amy Adams’ eyes are always watery and red, it’s creepy. I feel better.

  2. But I already fell in love with Amy Adams and Jason Segal

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  4. There are Muppets in this??! Ugh, what happened to generic predictable romantic comedies?

  5. You had me at Segel. You had my huz at Adams.

  6. Was that the David Bowie Kermit or the Freddie Mercury Kermit?

  7. It will be interesting to see how this will be received among anyone under the age of twenty-five. Guess we’re just going to have to buy more Fandangos to make up for it.

    • I am 24 and all about this shit.

    • This movie is being extremely well received by ME, who is 24, but will be 25 by the time this is released, so you can take your arbitrary age cut-offs and shove them somewhere, probably in a corner of your hall closet so you don’t have to see them anymore because you’re so embarassed that I just schooled you.

    • I’m 20! I’m so excited! Does that help?

  8. BNPG: Muppet Movies

    Gone, Baby, Gonzo

  9. I’m pretty glad that these two people are major stars. They seem like they can really bake a chicken without Jessica Seinfeld telling me how lucky I am. (Gwyneth reference, you guys.)

  10. I Am Sam (The Eagle)

  11. I’m pretty excited.

  12. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

  13. Jason Segel also wrote this, thereby making him the world’s most perfect man.

  14. did you guys know the muppets are NOT REAL? i’m just making sure everyone knows since that has not been said yet i think.

    kermit is the worst frog. it’s like ‘why don’t you sit on a lilly pad and do frog things instead of acting like a human being WHAT IS THIS’

  15. I am super excited but also super nervous for this. Muppet movies post-Jim Henson are hit or miss. (hit: Muppet Treasure Island. Miss: Muppet Wizard of Oz)

  16. I just did a full on “YAAAAAAAAAY!” with crazy Muppet Arms and now I’m fired.

  17. I’m so excited all I can say is MUPPETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. If I ever had to pick between Muppets or Pixar, i’d pick blindness instead.

  19. I hope Jason Segel doesn’t sleep with a bunch of Muppets in an attempt to forget Amy Adams.

  20. I wonder if those two old dudes who sit tin the balcony and make snide remarks are gonna be in it. They’re my favorite muppets. ( Huh, must be why I like the videogum commenters so much). Anyway, I’ll be there for opening night!

  21. And the natural sequel will be a vulcan mind-meld between Segel’s “Muppets” and Peter Jacksons “Meet the Feebles”. Status: In production. #yellowwithjaundice

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