Date: Unknown
Time: Unknown
Location: South Carolina
Source: Becca
Description: Local pitchman for foreign car company sets up his own TWSS and then gladly delivers expected TWSS as rousing marketing campaign slogan in order to sell more automobiles. No extant data on whether or not verbal TWSS is effective as marketing slogan for selling automobiles or selling anything. FILE UNDER: Verbal TWSS, Monetized TWSS, Advertwssising, Don Draper.

Comments (16)
  1. I’ll bet he is.

  2. I know someone who is excited that he’s found a place to work if his acting career dies off:

  3. That guy can’t be right. *I’m* the #1 butt satisfier. I mean, your mom wouldn’t lie to me, right?

  4. Pardon me sir I need to see a certificate of butt satisfaction or else I don’t believe you and will go elsewhere to have my butt satisfied

    like Brookstone you pervs

  5. “Butt satisfier? I nearly killed her!” – Lay Jeno

  6. Good thing, too, seeing as how I’m in the market for something with ample trunk space.

  7. Harrelson Toyota: for those really anal about financing.

  8. You should have heard their last pitch. Touting that they were better than Dick Anderson Kia: “We’re your #1 Dick Licker!”

  9. the number 2 butt satisfier must be very upset about the nielson”s butt system.

  10. No reference to assvertising? A rare miss.

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