And so it begins: the slow-drip reveal of murky, uninteresting details from the set of a highly-anticipated movie coming out in a million years. The Dark Knight Rises is going to be great! But this picture is nothing!

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  1. New tagline for The Dark Knight Rises – “Why so lumpy?”

  2. Hannibal Lecter’s looking good

  3. I’m not sure if I have a nerd boner or just a boner.

  4. So the plot of the movie is that this guy’s back muscles gain sentience and kill everybody, right?

  5. Getting excited for this Nacho Libre reboot

  6. “More like Tom Hardly Looks Like Bane at all!!!” – a nerd who is serious about this stuff

  7. “Quit being a Bane in my putt!” – Golf Man, maybe

  8. I can Hardy wait!

  9. “What do you mean you didn’t like Tess of the d’Urbervilles!!” – Tom Hardy

  10. Tom Hardy is a sexy man. Although this photo isn’t the greatest, I am reserving judgement till more photos are released.

  11. What they haven’t revealed yet is that Tom Hardy will be fighting Batman greased up and naked, á la BRONSON.

  12. Hardy’s so Bane, he probably thinks that pic is about him.

    • You walked into Bruce Wayne’s party, like you were walking onto a yacht.
      Your wrestling mask strategically dipped below one eye, your scarf it was apricot
      You had one eye on Lucius Fox while you watched your self gavot
      And all the villains dreamed that they’d be your partner, they’d be your partner, they’d be your partner

    • This is my favorite picture of David Geffen.

  13. Anybody else have friends ( or personal selves) that predicted Bane as the next big character in The Batman?

    I’m really excited about Christopher Nolan doing an honest Bane storyline as opposed to the “Bane” in Batman & Robin that was basically Uma Thurman’s personal Gimp.

    • Before the casting news that revealed Hathaway’s and Hardy’s roles in the film from a couple months back, I know everyone was betting on the Riddler. I was not one of them, however, as it seemed a Riddler film would be akin to what the Joker already did in TDK, although Joker’s riddles had a much more chaotic slant.

      Considering how grounded Nolan’s Batman universe is, everyone seemed to rule out the more fantastical Batman rogues (Clayface, Man Bat, etc). I was thinking maybe the Mad Hatter or something. I definitely didn’t think Catwoman and Bane would be the ones chosen (and of course R’as Al Ghul’s daughter Talia still might be in the mix, seemingly following the trilogy rule wherein the third part always goes back to familial matters).

      The more obscure character veryone was betting on was Hugo Strange, the crazy doctor psychologist guy who found out Batman’s secret identity.

      Bane has potential to be cool. Seeing as he was largely just a 90′s publicity stunt to break Batman’s back and bring in a new Batman after the “success” of the Death of Superman, they did write Bane as a fairly ruthless, very smart foe who also figured out Bruce Wayne was Batman, breaking Bruce’s back in Wayne Mansion after tiring him out by tearing down the walls of Arkham Asylum and letting loose all of Batman’s foes to tire him out.

      Will this be a part of the film? I have no idea. But what i think is the most important thing to note is that Bane has a lot more potential than being just a mindless, ‘roided up thug like he was in Batman & Robin.

      • I really wanted them to do something with “Hush,” because that is a freaking great story. I think bane will be cool, but I’m kind of surprised they introduced Catwoman so late in the game. The best part of the batman/catwoman dynamic is how long it takes to play out. I would have rather seen it stretched over a few films.

        That being said, topping the Dark Knight is going to be really hard. The Joker was just such a BAMF. I saw Thor this weekend and all I could think was that no one was evil enough. Deranged supervillians are the best.

    • Predict Bane?I wasn’t even close, but I’m going to claim on the internet that I nailed it.

      • Oh yeah definite predict.

        When I saw this videogum post, my eyes opened wide. As in the parking lot after TDK, when everyone starts blasting off villains from Batman trying to figure out who will be next (Like KajusX spelled out). My friend, just very convincingly, said he thought a true Bane storyline would be the best. I had no clue what real Bane was all about so I remember hitting up wikipedia and reading about (again, what KajusX spelled out, you sir get an upvote!) how Bane broke Batman’s back. It seemed like a good idea, but I was like “My friend DOES NOT MAKE MOVIE DECISIONS!”

        Turns out, he does!

  14. Oh man, I was hoping to see Zach Braff’s take on the Riddler.

  15. Has anyone ever seen Bronson? Oh man, I loved Bronson. This is why I’m geeking out for Hardy to play Bane.

    • BRONSON was good. VGum Monster Grinth and I were chatting about the film the other night, and how there are great elements of A Clockwork Orange and similarities with CHOPPER in the film. The art therapy scenes towards the end (you know what I’m talking about) made me so uneasy. Bronson was a huge ball of chaotic, terrifyingly brutal energy.

  16. That’s actually a picture from BEFORE he’s injected with venom. They just released a picture of what he looks like afterwards:

  17. Still, this is 100X more interesting than yet another Hunger Games casting report.

    Related: What the hell is the Hunger Games?

    • my ironic mustache, you are my people.

    • it’s actually really good! I didn’t think it was going to be, but I read the book in a night. The movie might end up being lame, because they’ll probably take out most of the violence. Honestly, the only way to do it justice would be to make it R and let it be the bloodbath that the book is.

  18. Here’s a fun story! A couple years ago, I was an extra in a movie called WARRIOR that’s just now getting released and stars Tom Hardy as a mixed martial arts guy in a big mma fight. So I was in the crowd at this fight, and the ADs were like, “Be excited for him!” So as Tom Hardy was making an exit (or entrance, no spoiler), he pushed past me, and I patted him on the back. He was all muscley and meaty and sweaty, and you know what? It was super gross.

  19. Some great product placement should have been Tom Hardy wearing Ed Hardy rather than shirtless. Everybody wins with tigers and crosses with burning wings.

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