So, this whole not being able to post videos thing is kind of a big deal, it turns out! Admittedly, we should just go where the money is and post a photo gallery of Khloe Kardashian shopping for Bluetooth accessories for her baby. (I have no idea whether or not Khloe Kardashian actually has a child and I do not care, but what I do know is that if she DID, she would definitely by accessories for the Bluetooth earpiece that baby would definitely wear constantly.) Instead, how about you guys just post all of the funny videos you’ve been watching today on other blogs, blogs that actually work. Boo hoo, I’m sure. Let’s go! Today we are all Associate Editors (no offense, Kelly, you are doing great).

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  1. Bonus: this dog looks exactly like my dog.

  2. Admittedly, we should just go where the money is and post a photo gallery of Kim Kardashian shopping for skimpy accessories for her ass. @corrections

  3. A child addresses the haters in this Spring Jam:

    and our old friend Keenan made a video with Britney Spears, it’s too high tech and serious for me but maybe some of you will dig it

  5. This video didn’t come out today, but I did watch it today. I watch it everyday.

    • It’d be great if once they get this fixed, the first video Gabe tries to post has embedding disabled. Then he looks at the camera, puts his palms on his cheeks and says his catchphrase, “Don’t cry for me… I’m already dead.”

  6. Not a video but this is perhaps the best e-moment of my life, besides getting an email from Winwood.!/KatherineCahoon/status/71062558546735104

  7. One of my absolute favorites, which isn’t all that funny and also not “viral” but an amazing animated short nonetheless!

    Also Kelly really has been doing a fantastic job. The Videogumblr is a beehive of activity, if those bees had a blog.

  8. Ponies make everything better?

  9. Oh ho ho ho, we don’t need no stinking videos!

    Have a great day everybody!

  10. Best standup I’ve ever seen. Tim before he was too famous (is he considered famous now?)

  11. Hello, old-school monster “K” here. Maybe people might listen to a story I just told on the Risk! podcast? It’s intercut with a story by Soft Gabe! Here it is:

    Or, you could just watch these elephants save a baby elephant, NBD:

  12. Breast. Feeding. 8. Year. Old. (Not exactly haHA funny, more like boohoo funny):

  13. Darth Vader dancing and playing the trombone? This made me giggle.

  14. Let’s try that again. This gets sad but is funny. Lizzy Caplan (huge crush on that one) is in it. So are TJ Miller, Nick Kroll, and others. It’s long.

  15. Banjo kids and a stuffed fox and the Millennium Falcon.

  16. ‘MERICA!!!

    Existential Star Wars

    How to pet a wild raven (“this is trippy!”)

  17. I’m just gonna go back and rewatch all the Strongbad Emails. See you in a couple weeks.

  18. For those who like animation … and VIKINGS!

  19. This is my all time favourite comedian who I would one day like to marry.

  20. just gonna leave this here i guess my entry for a dance contest

  21. I don’t have a video, but in honor of The Hub’s “Jem and the Holograms” marathon on Saturday May 28, I changed my avatar. Sorry, lobster — I still love you!

  22. After I read about his Adult Swim series deal I spent an hour re-watching all the Brad Neely comics.
    Mostly this one (Group Therapy):

    And Cat People at least 3 times:

  23. All this video linking reminds me of back in the olden days when we all used to gather round the fire and tell stories about your boyfriend’s animals saying the darnest things about Gwenth Paltrow’s lorries by sending links to poor quality realvideo player streams. I’d post one but I can’t find one without inventing a time machine and quite frankly if I had one of them I’d be putting it to better use by travelling back in time to the comfort of yesterday when I could get embedded videos on videogum (after killing hitler first, of course… sorry Lars)

  24. Animal videos are what they are, but this one makes me smile more than usual

  25. This is my favorite cute animal video everybody should watch it right away:

  26. For a few of my favorites from the days of internet yore, my friend Doug the Welder and I present:

    (head pants now is the one in the white shirt, case u were wonderin’)

  27. this video deserves so many more views, it never fails to make me laugh

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