Lars Von Trier is already back-pedaling on this whole being a Nazi thing. I knew it! This is our generation’s Valkyrie.

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  1. You got to admit that it was a pretty hilarious joke.

  2. Turns out he’s just a regular goofball doing regular goofball things.

  3. You need some kinda scorecard to keep up with this guy.

  4. I was really happy to be a Jew but then I wasn’t a Jew and found out I was a Nazi but the biggest Nazi and I didn’t think Hitler was that bad and I actually kind of like Hitler and I’m not a Nazi probably a bigger non-Nazi than you.

  5. Good thing he’s back peddling and not back goose stepping. That would not only prove he was a Nazi, but also that he’s oddly jointed with a phenomenal sense of balance and coordination.

  6. Well, around puberty I discovered I wasn’t attracted to the same things other boys my age were. I found I was different and I began to explore those differences to learn more about my self….Long story short (too late!), turns out I’d rather sell my movie than be a Nazi.

  7. more like a “NOT, see?”

  8. “Lars! What the hell?! Way to back out on a dare.” — John Galliano

  9. “This whole thing has got me tied up in knots…zi.” -Lars Von Jokes

  10. “No I didn’t see Antichrist! Are you kidding me? I’m into some weird shit but that movie looks terrifying!” Hitler, that one time.

  11. I’m glad he apologized AND confirmed he is NOT a Nazi. At first I was all “he’s sorry, but he’s still a Nazi, so I’m still mad.” But then I was all “Oh, he’s NOT a Nazi, that’s a relief!” Now I watch Anti-Christ knowing this is a perfectly normal guy, who is NOT a Nazi.

  12. Cannes seems to bring out the absolute worst in people again.

  13. “The director backtracked from those words by stating that Hitler was ‘not what you would call a good guy.’”

    This is not the most convincing back-pedaling I’ve ever heard.

  14. The people criticizing Lars have clearly never met Susanne Bier.

  15. More of us should start issuing regular statements making sure that if we ever gave indication that we liked Hitler or agreed with him, that we actually don’t think that at all. It’s called covering your bases and people do it all the time.

  16. “OPPOSITE! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go film Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe having nightmare sex for Antichrist 2: Tokyo Drift.”

    -Lars von Trier, probably

  17. Nihilists are often mistaken for Nazis:

  18. i wonder what dirk nowitzki thinks of all this?

  19. He should change his name to “Liars Von Trier”

  20. His next movie is a prankumentary called “I’m Still H(itl)ere”.

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