Well, we can finally cross one of the things off of James Franco’s “All The Things List,” as the little boy is now a man. Today, he graduated from New York University. I’m not sure what his degree was. I mean, I’m sure I could google “James Franco some kind of fucking degree remember?” and then by deductive reasoning, eliminate all of the degrees he is concurrently pursuing at other universities, and any degrees he is still pursuing at NYU that he only started pursuing in the last three to five days and eventually figure out at least one of the degrees if not all of the degrees for which he received a diploma today. I’m sure it has something to do with writing, or film, or dentistry, or cosmetology, or hotel management, or animal husbandry, or quantum physics. (That last one was the joke one.) Anyway, before James Franco rolls up his sleeves and enter the adult workforce (again with the jokes!) let’s dry our eyes with the travel-pack of Kleenex in our purse, and mark this important moment in his life (he is growing up so fast, although not really that fast actually if you think about it) with a caption contest!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Sigma Cum LOLOLaude! (Image via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. So-mma Good Pie!

  2. Off-topic: Gabe and Max interviewed on VH1.


    (You guys all caught the latest ep too, right? http://www.bestweekever.tv/2011-05-12/gabe-max-like-the-internet-episode-3/ )

  3. I wish James Franco would get another degree in ME!

  4. James Franco mingles with the soon-to-be-poor.

    • As a fighting purple torch, I can proudly say I did not go to commencement today. NYU is so stupid big. Then again, I ran into James Franco in the elevator of Tisch once, but was so absorbed in the score I was reading I didn’t notice until the screaming undergrads commenced when he left.

  5. Haley Joel Osment also graduated during the same ceremony, there are no pictures of him on Buzzfeed

  6. James Franco got his PhD in Fancy Graduation Dinners. He’s addicted to them.

  7. James Franco, sporting his favorite cap.

  8. I believe I heard someone say he was valeDICKtorian of his class.

  9. Successful method actor James Franco prepares for a his new role playing an unemployed person.

  10. Now that I have a degree, I can finally pursue all my dreams.

  11. Hey James I have a degree in film making, want to be in my film?

  12. Nobody else get him Oh! The Places You’ll Go! I’m getting him that.

  13. The best day of Beth France and Jillian Frank’s lives.

  14. In my mind, James Franco majored in “OH FOR THE HUMANITIES JUST STOP IT YOU EXHAUST ME”.

  15. Ahh…now I can finally relax a bit…

    – Not James Franco

  16. With that out of the way, we can now expect James Franco to rise up and fully conquer the next big stage of life, by simultaneously getting a dozen part time jobs that have nothing whatsoever to do with his degree, explaining to all his coworkers that he’s “just taking it easy while he decides what he wants to do with the rest of his life”, and that he’ll probably travel next year (to every country).

    You can do it, James Franco!

  17. Why am I even doing this? My parents don’t even show up for these things anymore.

  18. Consider me mortar bored.

  19. He finally got his degree. Now maybe he’ll finally find some work.

  20. “Can you believe it! Alphabetical order high-five!” that girl, probably.

  21. Recent college graduate James Franco, pictured only moments before moving back in with his parents.

  22. He didn’t just carve “GRADUATED” into his arm?

    Go to bed, James Franco.

    • and Yale, and he taught at Yale/is teaching at NYU, also he has 5 movies coming out this year.
      So very much go to bed James Franco

  24. I will not even flinch when James shows up at my wedding and gets engaged himself at the reception. James Franco: not letting other people have their own moments since Freaks and Geeks.

  25. Film degree from NYU=James Franco’s excuse to be in General Hospital

  26. “Take it from me, sitting through this is worse than being stuck under a rock for 127 hours.”–James Franco
    “Take it from us, sitting through this is better than being stuck under Spiderman 3.”–Everyone else

  27. Maybe I’m just hungry, but I simply do NOT like that girl’s face. She seems like she must’ve been annoying for the whole time everybody had to endure her in classes. All loud and excited to be at NYU, because Manhattan. All “The CITY is our campus!”. All “OMG I know this GREAT falafel place on St Marks that, like, nobody else knows!”.

    She didn’t ask to be in this contest, but real talk, everybody.

  28. James Franco in his natural habitat.

  29. “CUT, the girl in front broke the fourth wall again. Monica, do NOT look at the camera, we’re going to pull you out if you ruin another scene. Since we’re re-shooting anyway, guy in the glasses, take your robe back to Steve in wardrobe and swap it out with one that’s not so frilly-looking in front, tell him this isn’t a renaissance festival.”

  30. “I’ll show all these non-pillows what’s what…”

  31. James waited hours for his name to be called, only to embarrassingly realize that he was in fact at the commencement ceremony for the only school in the world he wasn’t enrolled in.

  32. James Franco under his breath:

    “Oh hey look…is that James Franco!?”

  33. New York’s hottest club is NYU Graduation. This club has everything: mortar boards, tassels, flowing purple robes, Asians, and white girls with squirrely faces. It even has “useless degrees,” you know, that thing where you take jacked a homeless midget, dress him in white and then press a gold stamp into his forehead.

  34. These people are about to find out that they’ve all been playing extras in James Franco’s upcoming movie for the last four years. Their teachers were all actors and their tuition used to pay for craft services.

    The movie’s called “NYOops”

  35. And so it was that, at the moment of his greatest achievement, nobody seemed to pay attention as Mr. Thomas Francois walked across the stage.

  36. …more like 127 HONORS…

  37. Sure, he’s got his degree, but he’s not even close to getting his EGOT.

    • I’m actually pretty sure Franco is actually werttrew, so you might want to hold off on that one. I also think he might be Winwood. I sometimes think he’s everyone on here but me.

  38. Please note that James Franco is not wearing the gold tassel that symbolizes honors. That’s because he got a D in his acting class. True story.

  39. “If you’re bored with wallpaper and find gluing 14th century manuscripts onto your room to be a little common, take a good tip from my friend James Franco. He prefers to decorate his room with 47 different creative writing degrees from every school in the country. It’s also a wonderful conversation starter.” — Gwyneth Paltrow

  40. Good luck finding a job in this environment…

  41. “James Franco went on to attend highschool and unironically joined the school football team as star quarterback. Needless to say, he graduated top of his class and was awarded the ‘James Franco’ scholarship of excellence.” — Future biography on United States President James Franco

  42. Hey, why doesn’t James Franco caption it? I’m sure he has a degree in Interactive Media Commenting.

  43. Probably relevant:

  44. “These robes are great for masturbating”

  45. http://youtu.be/MK6TXMsvgQg

    As I’ve previously said, thats all I hear anymore with James Franco

  46. “This degree cost me an arm and a….no, just an arm.”- James Franco

  47. “Hey Molly! Doesn’t Jimmy Frankensteen look JUST like James Franco?!?!”

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