At some point in the future people will wonder, if it was never a Tumblr meme, did it even exist?

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  1. That’s so woven.

  2. “The Cosby Sweater Project” is the name of my new band. We do slam poetry over electro post-rock.

  3. I have an aunt who gave me a new sweater 3 times per year, every year–birthday, Christmas, back to school–for a 15-year run. That means today I have a big plastic bin containing 45 sweaters in diverse, often lunatic patterns. Exactly 3 of these sweaters have been worn. The rest are a source of guilt and wonder.

  4. If a tree falls in a woods, and no one’s there to make a tumblr blog about it , does it make a sound?

  5. I’ll save everyone some time. Here’s the direct link to the Gordon Gartrell.

  6. And of course, the Cosby Show remains popular in syndication

  7. Can’t helping thinking of the terrible christmas sweaters my husband and I wore this winter… we were trying too hard, i think… people thought we were serious, but it was fun and sufficiently shameful.

  8. I wish I owned the “I’M TRYIN” apron.

  9. Reminds me of this:

    but I like the Murder She Wrote outfits better. Sorry, Cosby sweaters. Angela Lansbury wins forever in my heart.

  10. I like it. It’s no, but not much is.

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