Like clockwork, Jon Stewart returns to the O’Reilly Factor for his six-month standing appointment to argue with Bill about something inconsequential. In this case: the “controversial” (LOL!) rapper Common reading poetry at the White House.

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  1. Bill O’Reilly has a picture of a controversial rapper in his wallet

  2. Turns out O’Reilly thinks “Finding Forever” is underrated, and Stewart thinks it’s all been downhill since “Like Water for Chocolate.”

  3. And like clockwork, Unionman is PISSED!

  4. Oh Jon. Just because he grabs your balls and tells you to cough doesn’t mean you need to keep going back to see him.

  5. “Pettifog” is the new trolling

  6. Bill O’Reilly sure likes being wrong.

  7. …but this time it ends differently!


  8. Jon Stewart clearly won that argument. And that’s a tough thing to do with Bill O’Reilly when you’re not the home team.

  9. Him?- Hodgy Beats, Probably

  10. BOO-YA!

    My only point of critism is Jon Stewart should have gone out on a mic drop.

  11. Bill O’Reilly is like herpes. If you ignore him, he will eventually go away.

  12. Bill O’Reilly just makes me so sad. Although it was surprising how much Jon got to speak during the interview. Usually O’Reilly just yells through the whole thing.

  13. I almost can’t watch anymore. Really?! Common?! Gas is $5/gallon right now. And Donald Trump is no longer in line to tell OPEC to stop having their fun!!!! Start reporting on something not retarded. Who the frickety-frack gives a royal crap about Common attending a white house poetry slam? NO ONE!!!

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