Mr. Coconuts is a new monthly comedy show featuring many of our favorite pals. The first one is a week from today. More information here.

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  1. Frankly, Mr. Coconuts sounds like some terrible mascot for a Hooters-style eatery. So of course I’ll be there.

  2. That’s your monthly comedy show, actually that doesn’t work when it actually is your monthly comedy show

  3. They were going to call it Watermelon Man but Herbie Hancock is notorious litigious. #truestoryprobablygum

  4. Suggested tagline:

    You’ll “go bananas”…for “Mr. Coconuts!”

    With those exact same quotation marks.

  5. Um, yeah, I guess I could wait a week, or just walk over to the food court at the mall right now..?

  6. what if you dont have a facebook account? can you set up a myspace and friendster page?

  7. “Come to Mr. Coconuts” just makes me think of “call me Mr. Butterfingers.”

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