This would be a lot more upsetting if anyone actually cared about The Flintones. I mean, it basically WAS your grandpa’s Family Guy. I think we actually dodged a bullet on this one, you guys!

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  1. But what of The (superior) Jetsons!

  2. yabba dabba douche

  3. Serious question: when is someone going to reboot REBOOT?

  4. I hope this doesn’t divert his attention from his original material.

  5. All of Bam Bam’s humor will stem from his aggression bourne of latent homosexuality.

  6. remember when everyone wanted family guy and there wasn’t enough of this guys stuff?


    seriously, too much of a good thing etc etc

    • My college career included pretty heavy viewings of Family Guy when it was in its DVD resurgence phase. I tell friends that I still enjoy a good dick/fart joke every now and then, but I’m not going to go hand out awards to the people who create them. That’s just wrong.

  7. Just to be sure, this IS a cartoon show with characters that borrowed heavily on the likenesses of other entertainers’ work and personalities? Monsters, this sounds like the perfect match.

  8. my favorite thing about this is how you clearly care so little about the flintstones that you spelled their name wrong, twice, in two different ways. literally nobody gives a F!

  9. Someone needs to reboot Seth MacFarlane!

  10. You’d figure he would want to reboot the Jetsons because since it’s in the future he’d have many more historical references to randomly insert into jokes as opposed to relying on anthropomorphic dinosaur humor.

  11. But seriously, I remember watching The Flintstones reruns on TBS (before it was Very Funny). I was but in short pants and would watch anything animated because COLORS! When I matured to the ripe-old age of 6, I realized the jokes (the ones I understood) were a little stale, but still, a memory had been made. A memory strong enough to where I am dismayed at this news. Stephen Baldwin and Rosie O’Donnell already did their parts to bury this franchise, just leave it be.

  12. So Bam Bam will talk like Stewie and the pet dinosaur will talk like Brian?
    Yabba Dabba Yuck.

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