Kristen Schaal was a voice performer on last week’s episode of The Simpsons but they spelled her name wrong in the credits. This week they apologized on the chalkboard. “Best. Apology. Ever.” Get it?

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  1. I want to apologize to Kristen too, for only thinking about shouting from the rooftops how great she is and not actually doing it. At least you guys can look at my icon and remind yourself of her awesomeness

  2. So this means Simpsons/Bob’s Burgers open thread, yes? Yes.

    Bob’s Burgers is slowly becoming my favorite animated show. They have some of the best non-sequiters in all of televison. “Gay, gay, mythical creature, gay mythical creature.”

  3. Did you guys know that she voiced Trixie the triceratops in Toy Story 3?? My point: Kristen Schaal – any way you spell it you get awesome.

  4. I still love The Simpsons and I am grateful it is on TV.

    I have a friend that is an illustrator on Bob’s Burgers. Before it came out she was talking about how awesome it was… I am glad she was right!! It’s a fantastic show.

  5. Schaary, Kristin!

  6. I love Bob’s Burgers, but am I the only one who finds it slightly strange that almost all of the voice talent is male, even for the female characters? I’m not sure if this is something I should care about, so mostly I don’t care about it, but it is something I notice.

    Doesn’t make it any less hilarious. And I agree that it’s the funniest animated show on TV, mostly because they aren’t making Frisky Dingo anymore.

    • Maybe, I think it’s a funny reversal, usually they have women do the voices of boys (Bart Simpson is voiced by Nancy Cartwright, Pamela Adlon did Bobby Hill, a lot of children’s cartoons do this too). Plus, if it works, it works.

    • That is weird; I hadn’t really thought about it before. While that makes the feminist part of me mad on behalf of female comedians, I think the voices are pretty perfect for the characters.

    • On a broader scope concerning voice talent, I have never understood people who get upset when a voice actor’s ethnicity is not the same as a character they are playing (or gender, in this instance).

      The Cleveland Show’s titular character and his stepson Rallo are voiced by Mike Henry, who is white. If people want to argue that the program is lousy, crass, infantile, racially insensitive, etc., on the merits of the writing and the content of the animation, I think that’s fine and that they should feel free to do so. But bringing the voice actors’ ethnicities into the fray to support an argument about racism or what-have-you I feel holds no bearing, unless you are watching a show that is being produced by a single ethnic group specifically being specifically racist and hateful towards another, like a “The Birth of a Nation: The Animated Series” or a “WB Kids! Presents: Triumph of the Will: Beast Wars.”

      People who nitpick voice actor’s ethnicities or genders to support those kinds of arguments don’t really have a leg to stand on. You pick out one mismatched voice actor with the character they are paying, then you’re picking out them all.

      Samurai Jack, a Japanese man, is voiced by Phil LaMarr, who is black.

      Nancy Cartwright, as mentioned above, plays Bart, who is not female.

      The Alchemist from The Venture Bros is gay. His voice is provided by Dana Snyder (Master Shake from ATHF), who is not.

      Dr. Girlfriend, also from the Venture Bros, has a comedically deep, gruff voice and is played by Doc Hammer, a man.

      Carlos Alazraqui, a comedian man of Argentinian descent, played many characters in Rocko’s Modern Life— Rocko, Spunky, Leon, Squirmy and Granny Rocko— yet Carlos is not a wallaby, a dog or from Australia.

      Elizabeth Daily voiced Tommy Pickles on Rugrats despite her not being a baby boy.

      My point is they are cartoons and that people need to relax and focus their outrage on stuff that truly is worthy of outrage.

      • Whoa, there. No one is outraged, or at least, I’m not outraged. It just seems like I hear a lot about how it’s really hard for female comedians to make it in the business. I don’t know whether that’s true. I’m neither female, nor a comedian. But Bob’s Burgers seems to be made by mostly forward thinking people, so I guess it’s just something I noticed, yet had never really seen it mentioned anywhere. I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed.

        Still absolutely love the show.

        • Oh no, don’t worry. I didn’t mean to imply that you were outraged or anything. I was just snowballing off your topic concerning the roles of voice actors and addressing something I’ve heard come up every so often that has bothered me. My shit, not your shit. I know you’re cool!

  7. I love that opening all the more as fewer and fewer schools have actual blackboards and chalk. It’s like the present is becoming the past before our very ponies. (eyes).

  8. Zombie Simpsons is a zombie-znooze-fezt.

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