Had some of us–again, no one is here to play the Blame Game–been around last week, then this week’s Videogum Movie Club movie would have been Bridesmaids. As it stands, some of us still haven’t seen it and were still just catching up on Thor over the weekend, which, by the way, is GREAT. So fun! Who knew?! I will tell you who knew: people who saw Thor, that is who knew. Look, I am not gay, but since Thor is the god of GOOD MANNERS, I don’t think it counts, right? We can be in love. Whatever, it’s not any of anyone’s business anyway. Other than Heimdall. EVERYTHING is Heimdall’s business, am I right? Anyway, some of us, and I will say this as many times as I need to: it could be ANY of us, still have not seen Bridesmaids. I’m sure those of us who haven’t seen it definitely will see it eventually and very much want to see it but just haven’t had a chance to see it. I’m not trying to speak for anyone in particular, I’m just guessing at what the attitude of someone who maybe didn’t see it because they were busy looking up one bedroom apartments in Asgard on Craigslist might feel about the situation. For those of you who did see Bridesmaids this weekend, however, consider this your open threadsmaids.

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  1. why wasn’t mike birbiglia cast as the cop?

  2. Maybe we should hooooooooold on for one more day, so you know, more people can see and comment.

  3. Puppies Wearing Berets was very funny, good job puppies, okay job humans.

  4. also, when comedies have their obligatory “hit in the nuts” shot, does every woman feel the same way i did when they had the “i just got hit in the boob while playing tennis” shot? because i was like “does that even hurt?”

  5. Four words: Sookie from Gilmore Girls.

  6. I saw it last night! We laughed!

    Normally when I see a movie in which a guy has serious emotional problems and is a dick but the girl forgives him and saves him in the end, I think, oh fuck that’s gonna last like two minutes because he’s still a mess, right? [SPOILER SORTA] Well, at the end of this one, I thought the same thing about Kristin Wiig’s character, who is me basically (I never get to see movie characters who are me! it was weird!), that she’s still a fucking mess and that guy should run.

    I confronted myself. Because of Bridesmaids.

    • I seriously had the same reaction. I was sitting in the theater thinking, “I’ve really got to get my shit together.”

      • Me too! I’m about to graduate college, so much debt, so few jobs available (no callbacks! Anyone need a librarian? Please?) and I’ve been feeling so sorry for myself! I cried a little (a lot, whatever) at this movie! But I also cry because of really nice days and coffee commercials, so

  7. i’m glad I wasn’t spoiled for all the pooping. Much funnier than a lady falling down.

  8. Gabe, I think we all know who you are talking about, and for the LAST time: I AM SORRY! Isn’t that good enough for you?

  9. It’s weird to say in a movie featuring Jon Hamm as the only other male character, but I want to marry the shit out of Chris O’Dowd.

    Guys, this movie was SO FUNNY. You should all go see it, and bring your moms because there were a lot of older women in my theatre and they LOVED IT. Like, I loved it, but this was clearly their movie.

  10. What kind of name is Stove? What are you – an appliance?

  11. Also, my friends and I could not stop laughing about the bear sandwich. I am still laughing about it.

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    • I thought the best laugh was “Lillian! [stare]“

    • I agree about the poop jokes thing (even though I lit’rally closed my eyes and ears for the whole sequence, as I cannot STAND to watch anyone throw up), but I thought Meghan was a great character not because she was “haha, fat” but because she was a weirdo and outcast who happened to also be awesome.

    • May I say that perhaps this movie’s “sole purpose” was not to break gender boundaries? That seems a little closed-minded to me. Can’t we just enjoy this movie without making a special note that it’s “lady-like, yet amazingly enough, it’s still funny! It’s simple BAFFLING that women are entertaining!” I don’t think that’s fair to the brilliant people who simply set out to make a good movie, not become the first president elected without a prostate.


  14. This movie had everything. HILARIOUS, emotional, and really spot-on about the things that bring friendships of all genders together and apart. The scenes between Lillian and Annie, especially in the coffee shop at the beginning and then in Lillian’s apartment, made me clasp for my best ladyfriend’s hand. Also, for the LADIES: Kristin Wiig had some cuuuuuute outfits, Jon Hamm’s hilarious “does George Glass do this?” boobrub, and puppies and racoooooons and porcupines! If I weren’t so poor, I’d see it again in the theatre.

    • Re: the outfits, they were so cute! I just want to wear blazers and short dresses and heels all the time now! And magically have KW’s legs.

    • True story: I have the dress she’s wearing in the picture up there. OH KRISTIN WIIG WE ARE DRESS TWIIIIIINSSSSS. Weeeeeeee!

    • I really hoped you were going to launch into a Stefan-type thing after that first sentence. “This movie had everything. Friendships, bunnies wearing live people as shawls…”

  15. This movie just made me so happy, and I’m so glad it’s making lots of money. Maybe Hollywood will make some more movies with mostly female casts that are not garbage fests!

  16. I went to see a matinée in Boca and let me just tell you how many older ladies were enjoying themselves some poop jokes. Also, an elderly lady yelled out “Who’s that?” when Maya Rudolph/Lillian was under the covers…I wish there was some way that could be on the DVD extras.

  17. i didn’t see it, because i suck. hopefully sometime this week.

  18. This movie was not only SO funny, SO good, but incredibly accurate about the way American weddings are.

    I am getting married in the fall, and the scene in the bridal salon made me LOL even before the food poisoning set in – I think the snobby, cooing saleslady also works at the place where I got my dress (I am a lady, despite my name).

    Also, the butterfly in the invitation made me choke on my SourPatch kids.

  19. I also loved that the wedding and dress were terrible. Laser show! What a hoot.

  20. Can we talk about Jon Hamm’s awful sexing? He was like the anti-Don Draper. Except equally hot. “Want to take a little lap nap?”
    I love that cop. He was so awkwardly sweet. My favorite scene (maybe) was the car drivebys. “Who’s driving that car?”

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      • He didn’t KNOW she had hangups about baking, I don’t think. He just liked her cooking. (TWSS???)

      • They hinted at Rose Byrne possibly intervening to bring the cop to the wedding with her knowing glance at Wiig and O’Dowd’s road-side conversation. But yeah, that needed to be developed a little more.

      • Respectfully disagree, Aunt Martha! It just seemed to me that he really really liked her, and then was overeager and awkward and thought he was being nice or helpful with the baking stuff. It was clear he liked her the entire time, even when she was being a gigantic biatch, and I actually liked that they decided to have him hold out instead of immediately being like “It’s cool!” when she made him the cake.

        • I also think it worked well for the story! Narrative-wise, he needed to screw up a tiny bit and she needed to be upset (legitimately, but also slightly overreactionaly) in order for the conflict to grow ridiculously huge and resolve so nicely.

          Unrelated: I think it’s great that they didn’t show whether or not her baking skillz wuz ever used again. “Absolutely everything” working out in a cheesy closing credits montage is a turn off for me. And I’ve never wanted to make out with a cop more in my lifetime. Cops are the worst, but that one was adorable!

        • I thought it was (at least supposed to be construed as) sweet and kind of ham-fistedly romantic? Also aren’t “big gestures” like that supposed to be a Thing One Does to Get a Girl? It’s not like he proposed to her at a sporting event.

      • I also took issue with that. I’d be super pissed too if someone asked me to bake while hungover.

      • I liked the cop character and he was sweet – but for real with that scene! Even my super clueless boyfriend was all “Duh, asking a girl to cook you breakfast is not sweet or romantic.” I get he was trying to be cute and the whole point of the scene was her freaking out and panicking about big important things. But dudes. Do not make a lady make you breakfast the morning after. Take her to a nice place with crepes.

  21. At the screening I was in, a guy sitting in the lower right corner of the theater was laughing SO HARD at certain parts (some of them not even intentionally super-funny parts) that sometimes I wasn’t sure whether the audience was laughing at the movie or at the guy who was laughing at the movie. Studios should hire him to be their ringer.

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  23. Did anyone else feel like they didn’t wrap up Annie’s storyline in the end? I thought maybe they would have her bake the wedding cake or re-open her bakery or something, but it seemed like she was just sort of in the same place as before the wedding…except now with a guy who isn’t a jerk.

  24. I liked Bridesmaids, don’t get me wrong, but I disagreed with my girlfriends who loved it because it “made them feel AND laugh.” I guess I’m not used to that in a female-driven comedy. Speaking of driving, the alternate title for this movie is actually Kristen Wiig Drives A Car.

  25. “Don’t let the vaginas fool you — these gals are funny.” -The Entire Marketing Plan for This Film

  26. I was a little wary of the fat/toilet jokes going into this, but so much of it was well written that I am letting the crappy parts slide (sorry). (If Meghan hadn’t been played by such an adept comedian, I might have been less forgiving.) Baby steps and all that.

    I saw it with my best friend and we teared up multiple times–the dancing to a corny song, the look as Maya Rudulph leaves in the limo. It was just so refreshing to see female characters that were three-dimensional (ya know, for a movie). Their friendship felt so real, the dialogue was funny but also genuine. This is why we need more women writers, women directors, women stories–it felt so nice to watch things that actually directly related to my life play out on screen. (I mean, all of the Jon Hamm scenes were a liiiiittle too close to home.) And it incorporated the complexities of female friendship without being like, “LOOK AT THESE CATTY BITCHES!”

    Naturally, some of the Judd Apatow aspects pissed me off, like the female body as grotesque. (Ew, girls pooping! Ew, a fat, butch lady who wants to have SEX?!?!) So much of the movie was clever that these parts just seemed out of place. But overall, I think it was a success. I will pretty much watch Kristin and Maya do anything, though.

    • I would like to add the Apatow “Editing is for chumps!” mentality. But I otherwise agree!

    • In the beginning of the movie, i was hoping someone would pistol whip Rose Byrne’s character, but then I was like “wait! that’s what the evil media wants me to do!” and I was so happy they kinda (SPOILER ALERT) made up in the end and we saw her flaws and stuff.

    • I didn’t take the grossout parts to be in the tone of “ew, girls pooping” etc. I took it to mean that pooping is funny in general, and it’s just as funny with women performers joking about it as it is with male performers. Plus, I’m a woman and I love toilet humor, so that was welcome!

      • If this was a different director, I’d probably take it with a grain of salt. But he managed to make Katherine Heigl’s vagina an “AHHHH! GROSS” moment. I’m personally not so into toilet humor, especially when the main source of laughter behind it is supposed to be about seeing women in a situation men don’t usually see them in. OK, a good alternate non-Apatow example: that scene in Harold & Kumar with those two girls in the bathroom. Like, by the end, the boys are basically vomiting on themselves because of how gross it is that they almost slept with girls who go to the bathroom. Yuck.

        BUT I did laugh. The “don’t look at me” part was funny and Maya in the car afterward. But the scene was sooooo long. It just seemed to be more about being controversial than funny/necessary to the storyline.

        • Although heavily involved, having approached KW to make a film after her performance in Knocked Up, Apatow did not direct this film. Paul Feig did (creator of Freaks and Geeks, directed many episodes of the Office and Arrested Development).

          I just listened to Annie Mumolo’s interview on the podcast “The Q & A with Jeff Goldsmith” (previously from Creative Screenwriting Magazine’s podcast), and it was an interesting process she described of how the script was written. She does credit Apatow as the one who suggested Annie’s food poisoning fuck up, but Wiig and Mumolo had the final word on what went into the film, with Apatow fully supporting their decisions.

    • I know a couple guys in the Milwaukee/Chicago area that pretty much ARE Jon Hamm in that movie. And the detail of Hamm’s super douchey haircut was spot-on. And I really enjoyed the awkwardness with the class situations, which I think is all Paul Feig — seriously really well done, Mr. Feig. But Kristin Wiig overacts and that’s hard to watch. Also: there’s only 1 cop between Milwaukee and Chicago and he hangs out on a magical country road that isn’t I-94? Verisimilitude you guys.

  27. Would it be odd, as a straight divorced male, to go see this alone?

  28. This movie made me so happy! Like others have said, it was great to see a movie with great well-rounded female characters, like how Helen isn’t just a bitchy villain, she was honestly trying to make the wedding better and be a good friend. Her relationship to Kristen Wiig’s character seemed like a realistic jealousy over fear of losing a best friend. I really liked that the overall tone was sweet and about the relationships. I know I called my best friend when I left the theater!

  29. My favorite line: “I met a dolphin down there.”

  30. I have to stop reading this because I’m going to see it tomorrow. Way to confuse me, jokes. #spoilergum

  31. Let me preface this with the notation that I did enjoy the film, very much.

    However, I kind of felt like I was watching a movie that was trying a little too hard to be part of the “Boys Club” of comedy. I think the previews did a disservice by insinuating that it was going to be like a female version of “Very Bad Trip” (i.e. Lets go to Vegas, where craziness happens even though they never end up there). But I was glad when they didn’t end up in Vegas so I wouldn’t have to hear people basically perpetuate the idea that it was the Female Hangover.

    I believe in the mainstream media world we live in that women should be able to make See You Next Tuesday jokes without the stigma of just doing so to be raunchy. And I didn’t need a movie about women being vulgar and crazy to know that women in real life actually have a great sense of humor (i.e. Aubrey Plaza, Kristen Schaal, Amy Poehler, Living Legend Tina Fey & my wife *contractually obligated to include her in any conversation about funny women*). My ultimate hope is that Bridesmaids does very well and people will drop their preconceived notions about women and humor and quality comedy films will be put out for me to laugh at.

    • I was just glad a lot of things they put in the trailer/ads weren’t in the movie, and what was in the movie instead was much better. More comedies need to do that- put in jokes that aren’t actually in the movie, so the best jokes aren’t spoiled.

      And I think that they put that raunchy stuff in there thinking men would go see it. I agree it wasn’t necessary, but I still thought it was funny, being a human being who has had food poisoning one too many times!

      • You’re right! There were a good handful of jokes from the trailers that weren’t in the movie…it was jarring, because I’m so programmed to expect them to pop up, but in retrospect, I’m glad they didn’t.

      • I know a lot of women who love raunchy humor? Is that supposed to be a “male” humor? I’d argue that Jessica Walter’s recent characters have been some of the raunchiest ever? And I love it? Not because it’s out of place to have a smart woman go on and on about strange sex situations or gross-out bathroom jokes, but because it’s really funny?

        Maybe you guys are right, maybe there was pressure from Appatow and others involved to make it grosser or “dude-ier” but until we can see how different Kristin Wiig and Annie Mumolo’s original script is from the final cut, I’m assuming it’s just their sense of humor and it’s also my sense of humor and they happen to have girl parts and I happen to have boy parts.

        • Yes. I agree completely.

        • You are straight killing it today if killing it means writing comments I agree with

        • The more I think about it, the pooping especially, was necessary because it aided in the story line of her screwing up EVERYTHING as the maid of honor. I meant really that maybe they put the poop jokes in the trailer to lure guys in?

        • I agree that many women love raunchy humor, my wife being one of them.

          I guess my viewpoint is that as a whole society “raunchy” films tend to be the big summer comedy successes. About 99% of those films are “male” oriented because that is where big wigs in Hollywood assume most of the money lies. That 16-30 male demo is what they want to get into the theaters and get them there multiple times. The real difficulty it seems, from reading various blogs, is getting women and men out to the movie theater to see the same movie and have an equal amount of both sexes enjoy it. I would hope that Bridesmaids is able to attain that because it would mean studios would be more willing to greenlight strong female comedies.

          Any quality comedy, let alone a comedy with primarily female leads, has to go against that trend. So I felt Bridesmaids was just trying a little to hard (at times) to attain that “raunchyness” in hopes of bringing in both a male and female audience.

          • I totally get that, and reading a little bit more about it yesterday, I definitely see where those hollywood suits influences were present. I guess the real issue is “can an American male movie audience see a movie without diarrhea in it?” I hope that’s true in the future, but I think we both agree that it’s unfortunately still a man’s world as far as what “should be in a movie” as far as joke content goes.

    • Thanks for making me go learn what See You Next Tuesday means.

    • I don’t think it’s being marketed this way so much as audiences/average people are saying things like this about it. Also, the movie is, in my opinion, in no way trying too hard to be in any kind of boys club; it was an honest and fun depiction of what real women are like.

    • I agree with incredimarc. . .I am seeing this argument a lot, like, “it tries to be a guy movie by being gross and crude!” You know what? I am a lady and I am kind of gross and crude sometimes. I laugh at fart jokes. I swear a lot. I get drunk. Sometimes I feel like my life is messed up. Guys do not have the fart-poop-sex-swears market cornered!

      • For the record, I have personally known more women who have stories of public “bathroom accidents” than men. Just like I have personally known more women who have not made much needed repairs on their cars for months, sometimes years, than men. I felt the subject matter was a lot of fun and the film didn’t pull any punches.

        I was happy the grossest part of the film was the bridesmaid fitting. It was puke and a lady sitting in a sink describing it. Not bad, considering before the film started I saw the Jason Bateman/Ryan Reynolds vehicle where in the trailer Bateman gets hit in the eye by baby projectile diarrhea and it FREEZE FRAMES on it.

        • Point of clarification: Before Bridesmaids I saw the TRAILER for the Jason Bateman/Ryan Reynolds vehicle wherein it freeze frames on projectile baby diarrhea. I did not see the actual film before I saw Bridesmaids. I will not be seeing the Switcheroo or whatever it is they’re calling it.

  32. I don’t know what kind of propaganda this movie’s trying to spread, but girls don’t poop. Thumbs down for spreading disgusting misinformation.
    [fingers in ears} LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA !

  33. I saw this and Something Borrowed this weekend, and Bridesmaids totally won (no surprise!).

    Did anyone else cry? And not just during the BFF shared glances? I don’t 100% identify with Annie’s character, but so much of it hit home with me that the moments I wasn’t cracking up, being made uncomfortable by Jon Hamm, or wanting to make out with Chris O’Dowd, I was crying…

    • I was there with you when Megan had the heart-to-heart with Annie. I didn’t outright cry, but it felt like it hit home in many ways for me.

  34. I very much enjoyed this movie, but something’s been nagging me about the ending. Does anyone else have the sneaking suspicion that maybe the cop was actually arresting her?

    I know it’s a silly thought, but I kept wondering why he made her sit in the back. Wasn’t she allowed to sit in the front of the car earlier in the movie when he drove her around and taught her to shoot the radar gun?

    And it certainly sounded like he was joking about there being a warrant out for her arrest– but she DID break all those laws in that silly montage sequence trying to get his attention. And why is she sitting in the back?

    I didn’t really plan on my first and probably only comment on Videogum to be me pointlessly reading too much into something that is likely based on wholly inaccurate memories of a comedy movie I just saw yesterday. But there we are.

  35. True story: I haven’t seen this film.

    Other true story: when I was in high school in Sydney, my friend told me there was a girl studying drama at his school who was so mind-blowingly gorgeous it would give me brain damage to see her. We went along to see her in a play and my mind was suitably blown. Her name was Rose Byrne and I’m still amazed.

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