This video of a baby eating lunch may or may not closely resemble what last week was like for some of us. Obviously, there is no way to know who this video of a baby eating lunch may or may not closely resemble. It could have literally been any of us. Whoever it was, though, they looked exactly like this, I bet. I’m guessing. Who knows.

Of course, it isn’t last week anymore, not for anyone. Not even for Bill and Ted. It is this week. So BACK TO WORK! What are you looking at? I said back to work. BABIES ARE FOR CLOSERS. (Thank you, of course, to the guest babies last week whose lunches didn’t look like this at all for all of the hard lunches they blogged for the rest of us to enjoy.) (Via TheDailyWhat.)

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  1. Welcome back, Gabe. Sorry that unfortunate business between you and Gwyneth made it to the tabloids, but at least herpes is treatable.

  2. Who’s the new guy?

    • OK Ok Im joking, like when you’re friend goes off to Hawaii & you still have to go to work/school and when they get back you passively aggressively shame them. You guys do that right?

      Welcome back Gabe! Did you buy us all Hawaiian T shirts?

  3. Also, the commentary on this video closely resembles Baby Friday and I talking to our dogs as they eat dinner.

  4. That baby’s life is better than mine. It’s going to be a long week.

  5. the only person who vacates more than me is gabe. that’s a lot of vacas.

  6. Oh, I mostly looked like that, too, except I was drunk and also crying so much.

  7. Welcome back, Gabe. I love all my e-friends, but the monsternet feels kind of hollow without it’s main character

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