We have now reached the portion of the day where I use my new found power to try to make in Hollywood! I don’t intend to climb off my pedestal, I’m going to bungee jump! Soon I’ll be sitting in a hot tub full of apple juice snorting lines of powdered milk off of tickle me Elmo’s ass. Universal pictures wouldn’t return my calls, but we’ll see who has the last laugh.

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Everyone gets producer credits!

Thanks for all the help & support Monsters, Today we are all guest bloggers!

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  1. Seriously though, my memory of VIDEOGUM was refreshed reading this script. I didn’t remember half the lines, and I was laughing all over again. When the video ended I was really bothered I don’t own stock in Buzzmedia…

    Everyone her has seen Mystery Team, right? If not, it’s NOW AVAILABLE on Netflix PlayNow.

  2. Spoiler alert: “Booger” Bradley was the kidnapper!

    • “BOOGER” NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

      Ha, I drove out of town and am replying to this comically late in the game. I hope it gets editor’s choice!

  3. New rule: any monster who guest blogs from now on is obligated to continue the narrative of this screenplay.

  4. Once this is adapted into a made for tv movie, then a feature film, which Lawblog will score, then a hit stage play, Notsewfast will be the first monster to win an ACTUAL EGOT.

  5. It was by none other than…


  6. I’m kind of sick of all the Gabe fan fiction

  7. I think werttrew will turn out to be the evil mastermind, in a plot to take over Videogum. Topher was in on it all along, and Steve Winwood was his sock puppet from the beginning. This goes so much deeper than you can even imagine!

  8. Great job, Notsewfast. Take some time to spend with your loved ones, you earned it.

    Oh yeah, you are also Asian now.

  9. Haha! Wow! I guess I do kind of look like Cookie Monster!

  10. Don’t forget Bubbles! I’ve already had a TV show but I’ll gladly cameo in your movie!


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