As a toddler, I’m painfully aware of the poor food choices presented to kids these days. If it’s not Boston cream pie formula, it’s chocolate cheerios that go straight to your fat baby legs. While those of us in America have watched our kids plump up over the past few years with nothing to show for it but higher Angry Birds scores, kids in Bosnia are getting super powers! This little guy seems to have become some sort of healer for the locals, but the joke is on them: Magnet therapy is fake.

Silly kids.

(Thanks Werttrew!)

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  1. These remakes of Willy Wonka are getting ridiculous.

  2. Real life X-Men are not as cool as we’d all hoped.

  3. The truffle shuffle has to look good with shiny metal things all over your body.

  4. I shall access my local large Bosnian community and began translation….

  5. Fuckin’ bosnian peasants how do they work?

  6. Magneato!!

  7. And somehow large plastic universal remote controls are magnetic also? Fine, I’ll bite. What’re you selling, magnet boy?

  8. He’ll be forever locked out of hotel rooms.

  9. Don’t let him get too close to your bootleg American VHS collection!!!

  10. If I was his older brother I’d play Katamari with him, rolling him round scrapyards and cutlery shops.

  11. I find the level of attention this kid is attracting to be repellant.

  12. “Put silverware on me!!!” – Every child growing up.

  13. i’m pretty sure there was a followup to this, where doctors checked out this kid and they said he was just extra greasy, that’s why things stuck to him (i swear)

  14. Hmm, let me hook this up to that new X-ray thing that I got from the app store.

    Yup, just as I suspected.

  15. He’s just sticky, right?

  16. If you let him near the fridge, he’ll never leave.

  17. First of all, that kid is Croatian not Bosnian. Get your facts straight before he sticks your remote controls to his bubbies. Second of all he was shocked by electricity, to quote “220 watts!” of it. And when he came to he said “Gammy, i’m enlightened!”. Which also works as a joke, because light bulbs.


  19. Yeah, kid is from Croatia.

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