I know that we can all agree that due to NBC’s killer Thursday night lineup, it is the best night of the week, but can we at least agree that ABC is putting Wednesday night in the running for the 2nd best night of the week?

We haven’t had a lot of chance to talk about Modern Family much around here, but I feel an obligation to let you in on an investment that has paid some really solid dividends into my LOL(k). I totally get that there are some valid criticisms of Modern Family: The Dunphys are a VERY archetypical sitcom family, complete with dopey dad and a judging mom (who is right 75% of the time, but when she’s not things get TURNED ON THEIR HEAD). The Pritchett family is basically Married with Children as re-imagined by Telemundo, but in English. They milk Sophia Vergara’s accent for comedic affect at least once an episode, but since Sophia and I are getting married and having babies of our own I have nothing critical to say about this. The Pritchett’s son Manny, a smoking-jacket-wearing cappuccino-sipping 11 year old, is comedy perfection and is really just a solid addition to the show. Cam & Mitchell don’t fit into any TV show stereotypes, but they regularly fall into gay stereotypes which is genuinely funny, but sometimes feels like the easy way to get a laugh (Effeminate men=comedy GOLD).

Easy Joke

Having laid all of that out there, this show KILLS IT week after week and has that special office-esque quality where it can equal parts over-the-top wacky and earnestly sweet and make it work. I love this show. Sophia, Modern Family, and I are moving to a compound in Utah where we will live in plural wedded bliss until the ATF comes and shuts down our meth-cooking operation.

Gay Joey

ABC has decided to take on the NBC juggernaut by introducing ‘Happy Endings’ a few weeks ago in the time slot following Modern Family. Despite the unfortunate name, the show is basically ‘Friends’ in a single camera setup and also Joey is a homosexual. On paper I should hate this show, It stars the son of Damon Wayans, who I did not realize was old enough to have children of an acceptable age to play adults on TV, (Looking Good Damon Wayans Sr.!) and Elisha Cuthbert, who is generally the runner up to Olivia Munn in the category of ‘people who make me cringe but are nice to look at’. Here’s the thing: I don’t hate this show, I actually like it. It is very even handed with its retreading of sitcom territory and sometimes it feels genuinely fresh. Gay Joey is a slob, which is not so much groundbreaking as it is sort of about time. It’s refreshing to see a homosexual man who isn’t portrayed as a ninny who loves manicures and blueberry scones (but if he did I wouldn’t blame him, because c’mon, blueberry scones are amazing). This show is not out of the woods yet, and could take a turn for the worse in season 2, but I’m upgrading it from a hold to a buy, with a target price of Tivo season pass.

I have not watched ‘The Middle’ or ‘Cougartown’ (because Cougartown sounds like something that would force me to refill my cyanide prescription), but these shows may also be great additions to a well rounded portfolio.


What should we be watching Wednesday nights?

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  1. I, too, always enjoy Modern Family. This is the first I’ve heard of Happy Endings, so I’ll check it out! The Middle is a solid successor to family sitcoms like Roseanne and Malcolm in the Middle. I haven’t seen Cougartown either, but, strangely, I’ve only heard good things. It does have the Abed Seal of Approval, after all.

    • I like The Middle a lot! You’re right that it’s definitely a family sitcom, and might not appeal to everyone.

      • I don’t watch it, but it was on the TV randomly and I heard the oldest son say “Awwww….stop, drop and roll, Mom! God just burned you!” and it was pretty awesome.

    • The Middle bothers me by how much it’s ripped off Malcom In The Middle, with both the title and the youngest son who looks EXACTLY LIKE DEWEY. I’ve seen bits and pieces, and it does seem pretty okay, but I just can’t deal with the similarities.

      • But Hal was the greatest ever. And the Janitor, while good, is no Bryan Cranston. And for those reasons — among many others — I will never ever watch The Middle.

        • I rewatched a bunch of Malcolm a few weeks ago — that show holds up completely. And it’s remarkable how many conventions it broke in ways that have now become themselves conventions (no laugh track!).

    • The Middle is being compared to Roseanne and Malcolm in the Middle? OMG, why am I not watching this?!

    • The Middle has the Janitor in it, so I’ve always had an affinity toward it. That said, I don’t think I’ve seen an episode in a year…

      • Yeah, I haven’t either. I catch Modern Family on the hulu and I wasn’t sure if The Middle just hadn’t come back yet (I think it was a midseason to begin with?) or if it wasn’t a hulu featured show. Does anyone know? It was more than tolerable!

    • I think the best thing about The Middle is the doofy daughter, Sue. She is hilarious. Go girls!
      I like it because there are no testimonials. It’s not a hip new show, it’s just a funny sitcom. (but let the record show that I love modern family)

  2. Now I’m scrambling for gifs. I wasn’t prepared for this. No, NOOO


  3. I haven’t gotten a chance to watch last night’s episodes yet, so I will leave this here for you guys as an apology:

  4. I’m going to put myself right the hell out there and say that you should watch Cougar Town. It’s cursed by a terrible, terrible title that does not reflect the shift away from the original, cringe-worthy premise into a genuinely enjoyable ensemble comedy. There is absolutely no cougaring involved since, like, the 3rd episode. Instead it’s just a group of pretty funny alcoholics. For real, it is like a suburb full of Don Drapers with all the boozing going on there. Just watch it privately and admit it to nobody, like I do. See also: Glee.

    • It’s true, it’s a very enjoyable show! Plus the writers hate the name as well and sneak little jokes about how much they want to change it into the title cards.

    • YES! It is so funny, right?! Also, every episode opening they have a new way to make fun of their title, which I love.

    • Another C-town fan here! I think it’s adorable, and I love to pound grape along with the gang while I watch.

    • Any show that brings “pounding grape” into the world (which is definitely something I say ALL THE TIME), is a-ok with me.

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  5. Last night I started watching all of the episodes of The Paul Reiser Show that I DVR’d.
    I just finished episode 2, so no spoilers, please!

    • I loved how bad Phil’s bad cop was. The Dunphy daughters need discipline!

      • Maybe my parents were more strict than I ever realized, but I didn’t think Phil’s “bad cop” was very…bad (aside from the girls not being allowed to eat). The whole time I kept thinking how happy I was that the spoiled as hell daughters Dunphy finally had to do something semi-unpleasant. Is that horrible?
        Also, Luke is my hands down favorite character. That kid is consistently hilarious.

  6. Who out there watches Cougartown? I fucking love that show, though I am a bit behind on the episodes.

    PENNY CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hopefully these will make up for me missing tomorrow’s open thread.

  8. Watching Jon Stewart nerd out on Al Brooks was a thing of beauty.

  9. I love Happy Endings. It is sort of like if Perfect Couples had gone much better. The show has a very loose premise which lets it get kind of absurd. Also, our friends Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel have shown up. Hi Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer!

    • Yes! It is basically if you took Perfect Couples and made it more interesting and funny and enjoyable! But not out of the woods, no. They have some amazing lines in it though. For new tv this year, Happy Endings is the funniest I’ve seen.

      Not to rag on Perfect Couples some more (except I could spend all day doing so) but for fuck’s sake I hate that show. Olivia Munn is atrocious.

      • Last night the line that killed me was when they were going in to Showgirls and the blonde chick goes: “Two tickets to Jessie Spano’s boobs, please.” HAHAHA.

    • I’m also on board with “Happy Endings” and am hoping they manage a 2nd season. Adam Pally is great but I’m also having kind of a Casey Wilson moment. I don’t have anything clever to add, I just wanted to voice my support since having a Videogum account is the next best thing to being a Nielsen family.

    • “I wrote you a poem, it’s called ‘Can You Make Me a Grilled Cheese Sandwich?’”
      - Rob Huebel being the best on Happy Endings

  10. I know that I am THE ONLY HUMAN BEING besides the 14-year-old girls of the world who still watches America’s Next Top Model, but that shit always makes Wednesday nights fun. Rich Juzwiak’s incredible recaps on FourFour inspired my love for the show, and now that he’s stopped writing ANTM recaps I started doing my own on Tumblr. It’s a dirty job but, etc. And I have a devoted following of said 14-year-old girls of the world, so I don’t feel quite as alone anymore. #shamedbuthonest

    • See below. You are not alone.

    • I still watch with ANTM every week:

    • For real, though, I have watched every single episode of every season of this show. That would be half my life if they only had one season a year!

      • I figured out approximately how much of my life I’ve spent watching ANTM once. It was a rough calculation, as it included an unknown number of weekends lost to watching the marathons on VH1 with my mom and little brother while I was in middle school, but it was still a real disturbing amount of time.

      • Have you guys also watched the Top Model’s from Other countries. I have watched most seasions of Canada, Australia, UK, & Germany. Germany is probably my favorite because Haidi Klum was host and they actually taught the girls to be models: i.e. sent them out on real go-sees. If they got them, they would actually go shoot a commercial, photo-shoot, runway, etc. If they didn’t they would just sit at home doing nothing for the episode.

        I guess what I’m saying is: yeah i’ve probably spent about half my life watching the top model shows too.

    • Rich said he would recap the All-Star season in the fall. All is not lost!

  11. I can’t believe Hannah got eliminated!

    • OHMYGODDDDD we posted about ANTM at the exact same time…. thank you. I really thought I was the only one. The. Only. One.

  12. just here to second the love for happy endings. modern family is great, but pretty sure everybody knows that by now.

  13. also, tinypic is blocked at work, so i can’t see the images, but i can see the alt-text on them and “Intro” “Easy Joke” “Gay Joey” “BUY BUY BUY” gave me a pretty good laugh

  14. It might be too late for this, but does anyone have a gif of Mitchell dancing outside of the bedroom door when he realizes he can escape to the gaga concert after Cam falls asleep?

  15. Happy Endings is so so so great. I even watched it live last night and pretended like that would make a difference in the ratings. PLEASE watching it, my dear monsters, because I will cry if there is no season 2.

  16. Cougartown is AWESOME. I know some people are put off by the positivity/goofiness, but I love it. I’ve watched it from almost the beginning, so maybe I’m more used to it. Ellie and Laurie are HILARIOUS. There’s a billion good quotes an episode. I’m so happy it’s still on.

  17. I had a good thing going on Wednesday nights for a while. It went like this: I’d watch Modern Family. THEN I’d watch JUSTIFIED. I miss those days.

  18. Fun fact: After reading this post earlier in the day, I’ve been marathon watching Happy Endings. Thank you.

  19. YAY! I’m glad Happy Endings is starting to get noticed. It really is super funny, and Max is the best. I too am a decidedly un-fabulous gay man, and he is a much-needed character in the TV landscape. Seriously, BravoTV makes me wanna get stabby. Don’t even get me started on that Logo A-list shit.

    Also, I’m gonna say something controversial and just put it out there that with Modern Family, Cougartown, and Happy Endings, ABC Wednesdays has totally taken the lead over NBC Thursdays. Obviously 30 Rock is the best, but still.

  20. I watched the first three or so episodes of Happy Endings based on some recommendations and it didn’t quite hook me. I’ll give it another go, just for you, monsters.

    Due to all the positive love for Modern Family, I may be able to get my monster friend, tnetennba, to finally watch it with me. I hope Manny gets a spin-off.

    My plan may be ruined if she reads this! Fingers cross, monster friends!

    • To be fair, the first episode of Happy Endings is probably the weakest of them all. Also, I’ve been watching them on Hulu, and it seems like the timeline is screwed up. Like I saw an episode with the food truck already in existence, before the food truck introduction episode -that was probably my own fault though. Anyway, the Jr. Wayans kid is definitely doing big things for the Wayans name. The biggest since WayneHead.
      Keep giving it shots, T-sex. Its very Friends/How I Met Your Mother minus the corny sitcom laughs, plus a fat Chris O’Donnell.

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