What a whirlwind of emotion this trailer is. I think somebody deep inside big Hollywood is intentionally trying to combine things I love and things I hate to create an island of Dr. Moreau style compound full of abominations which make me take a long hard look at how I define the things that I enjoy. It would be a place full of feta cheese tacos dancing to the tune of Beatles/Ke$ha mashups while Toy Story 4 (written and directed by Paul Haggis) plays on and endless loop.

If you told me that a movie was coming out in which Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, and Jason Bateman all plotted to kill their bosses, I would set up a tent in my room and camp in front of Fandango for 2 weeks. Conversely, if you told me about a movie where Kevin Spacey co-starred with Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell, and Jamie Foxx portraying terrible people, I would buy all of the tickets and mail each one to people who had personally wronged me (I’m looking at you, Bronson Pinchot).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I have very mixed feelings about this whole Horrible Bosses ordeal.

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  1. I think that it’s at least a good sign that they picked the good people to play the good people and the bad people to play the bad people.

  2. Sorry, Hollywood. I do not wish to deal with horrible bosses outside of work.

  3. I don’t understand how Jennifer Aniston keeps getting work. She was a good Rachel, but we don’t need to see more of Rachel. I can’t remember any movie she was in that I enjoyed other than Office Space, and a sheepdog could have played her character in that movie. That having been said, Charlie Day is in this, so I’m for definite going to see it, no duh.

  4. Okay guys, how does Jennifer Anniston keep getting hotter the older she gets? Did her and Marisa Tormei sacrifice a baby unicorn or something? Wow. Just wow.

  5. Dentists doing sexy stuff to anesthetized patients seems to come up so much, it makes me wonder.. does that ever actually happen? Should I be scared of my dentist?

    Any dental hygienists out there care to comment/confess?

    • Can’t speak to that, but I’m told that I do all sorts of really sexy stuff to dentists when I’m anesthetized.

    • There used to be a Dallas-area dentist that advertised in the weekly TV Listings thing in the paper, and about 30% of the ad was a photo of him (feathered hair, 70s mustache) underneath which it said, “Mr. El Paso, 1979″
      Even as a 13 year old, I was like, “Nitrous-Oxide? More like NitrouSEXide!”

      Actually, I was like, “I’m going to put down the TV listings and furtively look at this picture of Paulina Porizkova in a swimsuit because no one is home right now.”

  6. I did smile at the drag racing Prius joke, but this looks like it good be kind of funny or completely terrible.

  7. I was already in favor of this movie, and then they introduced a sandwich that is lethal to Kevin Spacey! You know how I feel about sandwiches, you guys!

  8. I liked it better with Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin.

  9. To be fair, I would totally sexually harass Charlie Kelly if I had the chance

  10. “i wish jennifer aniston would stop trying to have sex with me! i hate her! GRRR!”

    good one guys

  11. Just wait for next summer. Horrible Bosses 2: Badder Managers. #2012

    • One of my business professors in college used to always say:
      “What is the #1 reason that businesses fail?”

      Then the class would say:
      “BAD MANAGEMENT!!!!”

      So maybe the reason movies fail is because they are about bad managers?

  12. I’m honestly just surprised this isn’t called Just Work With It. Or Jobs With Benefits. Or Work Buddies. Or (insert very generic title here).

  13. BUNK! One tickets for an adult, please. Also, Jason Sudeikis and Jason Bateman and Charlie Day and Throw Yo Momma of The Train without Billy Crystal.

  14. You know how everyone has that comic they like, that they should have no business liking, but you ALWAYS laugh at his material? Ron White is my guy. Good to see him getting some acting work, I might see this JUST for Ron White. Or for Charlie Day. Either/or.

  15. Charlie Day is both my Nightman and my Dayman so I will be seeing this movie. Because of love.

  16. So three silly friends engage in midnight hi-jinx and tom foolery, peppered with the occasional shenanigans and mischief. Oh Hollywood, ever the innovator.


  18. Sam Weir wrote this movie though.

  19. “Being white and employed is hard.”– Gabe, from blog-heaven

  20. Is ‘Horrible Bosses’ the French title? TCB, guys.

  21. Wow, I will see this just for Colin Farrell as Grossface Nastypants! Now I just want to watch In Bruges :( Employment really is hard.

  22. This movie is seriously funny. Great, even. I am not joking at all. Charlie Day is AMAZING in this movie. You’ll see.

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