It is one of my greatest ongoing sources of shame that I have still not finished watching The Wire. Now I don’t have to! JK! I linked to this thing without even watching it. Get those spoilers away from my eyes! Now that school is out, I’ll have the time to watch seasons 2-5. Maybe I’ll do it this weekend! Hakuna McNulty! (Thanks, vinbakersdozen)

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  1. (I liked season 2)

  2. Was anyone else disappointed to find out that the video has a ton of voice overs? I thought it was going to be bits of dialog from The Lion King stitched together to tell the story of The Wire.

    Anyone have some animated gifs to take away the sting?

  3. But ever since then he ever saw Omar had came in and knocked him out and stole the chaos stash. But there’s one thing he didn’t thought of. Maybe they weren’t the chaos stash. Maybe they were something else. Probably.

  4. I lol’d at the Bunny Colvin part. That was a good likeness.

  5. I saw this the other day and couldn’t make it through it. I too thought it was going to be something more than just cut up bits of the Lion King with a dude crackling in with sentence fragments on an old rusty squawkbox.

    Anyone seen this awesome Wire quote print?
    There’s also a great one of a Don Draper quote that I currently have as my computer’s wallpaper.

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