Okay, so sometimes witnessing the innocence of childhood fills you with yearning, and sometimes…

(Note: the relevant portion of this video ends at 2:40)

Yin and yang or something like that.

Thanks for the tip, [Not Actually] Betty White, tyrannosaurus sex, and Carla!

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  1. “[Not Actually] Betty White” is my friend, I know him IRL! He thinks Gabe put this up and parsed his name correctly! Let’s not tell him the truth!

  2. Yet when I take off all my clothes and pick up dead squirrels I’m a weirdo, double standards amirite

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  4. Behold, the dangers of children playing with stuffies.

  5. Finally, another excuse to post the marvelous adventures of Sugar Bush Squirrel, International Superstar!

    And in an incredibly tasteless way!

  6. It’s like, I’m laughing? But, with a grimace? A grimace chuckle?

    I’m so confused. Somebody explain how I should feel here.

  7. If you’re going to resort to deleted scenes of the movie Gummo for your content today, Godsauce, I’m just going to go ahead and take my business elsewhere.

  8. This easily wins my Biggest Cute Kid to Bad Parent Ratio Award of the week. Congrats creepy camera guy.

  9. Seems pretty clear that parents in this country are way more concerned about their kids kissing adorably than with rubbing dead rodents on their faces.

  10. Is anyone else excited for the little girl/yogurt cup mash up video? I’m really excited. Wait…that doesn’t sound right…

  11. I like this girl, she is funny and cool.

  12. Future Yogurt Cup Manufacturers of America.

  13. I’m pretty sure this girl is all cute and stuff in the public eye, but that little terror most definitely broke that squirrel’s neck to play with it. No, you may not call me crazy.

  14. Video title: “How to lose your daughter in 10 Days”

    In related news


  15. I can only imagine what Chareth Cutestory must be feeling about this.

  16. I did not make it through the whole thing. It seemed so long and weird and *intimate*, and not funny like the dad clearly thought it would be. The woman stage whispering ‘no, Sean, FUCK’ around 1:07, what? Get some editing software, you affluent little attractive and slightly awkward family with your lovely back yard!! I felt like I was watching a private home movie and shouldn’t be. I have a feeling they will wish they did not put this on the internet. I feel like maybe they have important jobs and maybe their co workers will feel funny about their so free little girl fondling dead animals? Not that there is any thing wrong with that! I just want to close the drapes of the internet so they can be alone and won’t be misunderstood or juged or watched any more.

  17. so cute. She was going to get a bath right after anyway, let her play with it. Just don’t eat anything that you found already dead. Oh, no one was going to eat it?

  18. GO TO JAIL.

  19. But no one ever thinks of the families of the deceased !

  20. Look at this stupid chipmunk, it thinks it’s a squirrel:

  21. Oh crap. This is not cute. The squirrel was all limp, and flopping around, and dead. They should have calmly, and immediately, told her to put it down. Aghh… Nobody should play with corpses, except maybe Tim Burton.

  22. Squirrelly, NO!!!!

  23. I watched this without sound, and did not like it at all. Plus, did anyone notice the video recorder zoom into that lady’s breasts? Yes, I notice these things.

  24. This is amazing. Keep calm and carry on.

  25. can’t wait for the sequel where she’s carries around dead Ivy.

  26. Greyhound 1; Squirrel 0. Score another one for team dog.

  27. Not pictured: the fight between mom and dad about dad’s decision to video tape what would many years later be recounted as “the incident.”

  28. Every household needs one of these:

  29. Future Goth chick.

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