This is a still from a video of Kermit T. Frog interviewing celebrities at the Disneyland premiere of Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Now, CaringIsCool actually attended this premiere because she’s awesome, and she’ll be doing a full recap of her time there when she blogs on Friday, but this needs to be addressed. What is Martin Short doing to Kermit??? Why is he trying to jam his finger down Kermit’s throat? That is so rude! More importantly, what is Kermit thinking in this moment? What is either party thinking?

Winner may or may not receive special placement in this week’s Monster’s Ball, but I think that depends on what the rules are.

And, since this is my last post of the day (I don’t know if “Booger” Bradley has anything else up his sleeve), I’d like to tell you all what I’m thinking: THANK YOU!!! This has been a really fun day and Scott, Amrit, Werttrew, and all my fellow guest bloggers have made it super easy and great. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves at least 10% as much as I’ve enjoyed myself. My only regret is that I didn’t get to post any animal fart videos. Grapeape even sent me this gem! Thanks be to Grapeape and to everyone else who sent in hot tips. Hang loose, everybody. Hang extra loose.

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  1. Martin Short forcibly tries to induce vomiting from Kermit, who is ODing on The Rainbow Connection, Hollywood’s latest drug scourge.

  2. This is still better than Clifford

  3. He was later convicted on charges of conspiracy to kermit murder

  4. Martin Short does not understand how puppets work.

  5. Dude, the hand is supposed to go in the OTHER end.

  6. “jack sparrow likes to watch”

  7. Vomit at me, bro!

  8. “Can I please just have one orifice without a hand in it?!”–Kermit

  9. Kermit: Great. Now I have human hands in both ends of me.

  10. Ready, Aim, Marry Me!

  11. “Did somebody order 140 lbs. of upper body strength? … Shoot me!” – Jack Dorso

  12. Exclusive scene from the upcoming Muppets movie, the first of the series to have an NC-17 rating.

  13. Blah blah blah two soulless creatures brought together blah blah blah. (I got nothin)

  14. For the last time, I don’t want to guess what your finger tastes like.

  15. “Great, now my hand smells like pork!” – Martin Short, 2 minutes later.

  16. An artificial, stitched up silver screen legend plays with a muppet.

  17. “Oh, that movie looks funny. I love Steve Martin.” –your mom, after seeing this photo

  18. Not Pictured: Charles Grodin’s hilarious reaction shot.

  19. “I offered a handshake. That does not mean you can finger my mouth!” – Kermit, emotionally scared for life Kermit.

  20. “the three amigos has taken a decidedly unsexy turn.”

  21. “Note to self. Next time I try to murder a cultural icon, don’t wear a suit with my name written on the side.”

  22. “This town’s only big enough for three amigos, amigo.” -Martin Short

  23. You did great today, Superglue. I hereby name you Queen of the Blogosphere:

  24. Martin Short’s just upset because he was promised fart videos today.

    (good job ANYWAY, superglue)

  25. I am sorry Kermit, it’s just that I find you ribbiting

  26. “Ahem… sorry; there’s a Martin Short in my throat.”

  27. It only got weirder when Martin Short attempted to lick Kermit to get high.

  28. Martin Short assists Kermit the Frog in a suicide attempt.

    Confirmed: It’s Not Easy Being Green

  29. I can’t think of a funny caption because I’m all tired and stuff because college (also, I’m not very funny), but I would like to say: GREAT JOB, SUPERGLUE. You are truly awesome. Here’s a fart noise just for you.
    *FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART* Dayum, that was good.

  30. How do we know it is Kermit the Frog? I mean, Martin Short is clearly labeled, but that green frog could be ANY green frog. #itsnoteasybeinggreen

  31. Gag me with a Buffoon.

  32. Martin Short Discovers Frog Vomit is New Sustainable Superfood

    Dek: It’s not easy being green.

  33. I think it’s an audition.

  34. But he’s pretty good at being easy.

  35. It’s the only way Martin Short could best describe what it’s like to choke on a Hollywood career!

  36. “Show Miss Piggy this move.” – Martin Short

  37. Martin Short spoiling “Two Girls One Cup” for Kermit.

  38. I had a Kermit Doll when I was young/still. The tongue was the same soft felt as the body – the rest of mouth was a coarser fabric. The soft felt tongue was in the shape of a heart. I’m sure it is the same with the ‘Real’ Kermit. I would pet Real Kermit’s soft heart as well…but then again I am a pervert.

  39. “Actually, Joan Rivers taught me this one”

  40. “I miss my green blow-up doll.” -Martin Short

  41. Guys, I went to Wikipedia to see what productions Martin Short had been in so I could make some acerbic pun about upcoming film Frankenweenie, but then I saw that his wife died last year of cancer and I just can’t bring myself to mock this father of three. I really enjoyed Mars Attacks!

    • Big hearts and upvote for sympathetic human beings online, T-Rex! (Also, Dinosaur Comics YUP).

      He was a total creep-o in a Law & Order SVU a while back, giving me an excuse to haCHOO—

      Slip that in there!

  42. In the Next episode of Martin Short’s Truth Bombs:


    On the Discovery channel.

  43. Jiminy Glick demonstrates his new weight loss system for the children.

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