Weird. Maybe SNL should just be shorter, not have musical guests, always be hosted by Will Ferrell and partially written by Adam McKay, and take place during the last burst of the most important election of a generation, but last night’s Thursday special contained more funny parts in its half hour than most regular SNLs. And I caught the most ridiculous blooper in the history of catching bloopers. Videos after the jump.

Will Ferrell comes back as George Bush (on Xanax):

The other funniest part — Fred Armisen plays around with the electoral map (after some Weekend Update headlines):

And I thought this was hilarious: Andy Samberg Jams The Vote (also after a few headlines):

In the Weekend Update headline part of that last one, I caught a spelling error in the cellphone call transcript. They spelled “Bartles And Jaymes” wrong:

Nobody has ever been more embarrassed to have caught a spelling error. (Also, Bartles And Jaymes still exists, weird.)

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  1. I continue to admire Andy Samberg.

  2. will ferrell’s bit about vice presidential responsibility was hilarious, but he RUINED it when he said “that’s not what dick cheney said when he sat me down on day one”. why do they resent their viewers’ intelligence enough to have to take 20 seconds to explain every joke? I GOT IT THE FIRST TIME, UGH

    also, it bothers me that kenan thompson continues to taint his flawless kenan & kel/all that legacy by being painfully unfunny on this show. he really sticks out like a sore thumb.

    • You’re right, that’s the worst thing that ever happens in comedy. You’re laughing at a funny joke and then they explain it for the dumber viewers and you want to officially take your initial laugh back.

  3. Huh. I really like most of Andy Samberg’s SNL stuff but “Jams the Vote” did absolutely nothing for me…except make me eager to try a spicy hot dog.

    Also if you are going to do an outrageous “vomiting-all-over-everything” skit you should really work on making sure to produce a sufficient amount of vomit for laughs. I know Samberg was limited by the amount of chewed up food he could hold in his mouth and throat before fake-spewing, but I’ve fake puked before using the same method (for fun, not profit) and I can tell you proudly that I can store up at least two times as much fake puke as he did in any of his vomit-takes last night.

    Wow, long comment.

    • I’m going to disagree. I think the ridiculous-amounts-of-vomit bit is overdone. The subtlety of this sketch was what was hilarious. It was just little bits. The comedy didn’t come from “Haha, he’s vomiting! Look at the vomit”, it came from the way he played the nauseated reporter and people’s reactions.

      I feel like such a nerd whenever I get all philosophical into comedy…..

      • Caroline — I’m prepared to concede your point about too-much-vomit being overdone in comedy. But I think your radical suggestion that too-little-vomit is somehow the solution is not only wrong…it’s dangerous.

  4. As soon as that interactive map came on screen I started laughing. that bit was perfect.

  5. I would say their Thursday nights are 95% funnier. An hr & 1/2 of SNL is WAY overkill.

    Anyway, the Armisen map skit rocked! The Samberg skit sucked. And the Bush/McCain/Palin skit was funny. I’m going to miss those sketches when OBAMA WINS!!!!!!

  6. Perhaps even more embarrassing is the fact that you made the effort to screen cap the typo and show it off as though anyone would care.

    Seriously though, thanks for doing this because SNL is like a car crash, and these clips save me from having to stare at the whole thing.

  7. Instant classic.

  8. i don’t know, i didn’t think this had very much funny in it, will ferrell coming back was cool and he was pretty funny (except for the whole explaining-the-joke thing) but making fun of the special map thing was too long and way too late to be funny. i’m pretty sure other shows were making fun of them in february. and kenan just did the same thing as last time. the same exact thing.
    and andy samberg’s thing wasn’t funny. like at all.

  9. is it just me or does Todd Palin (the real one and the fake one) look like he should have been in the D*CK IN A BOX digital short?

    also Fred Armisen is now the voice of the voiceless… I USED TO love when John King and his plastic hands would go over to the MAGIC MAP, now I think they’re just laying it on a little thick….

    oh oh and …. Andy Samberg (ironic) youth reporter is about 8 years older than everyone thinks he is… i was pretty grossed out when I found out he’s like 30.

    • H.F.G.  |   Posted on Oct 24th, 2008 0

      Wow Becca, I guess I am offically old cause just assumed Adam Samberg was 30 and not at all grossed out.

    • SAL  |   Posted on Oct 25th, 2008 0

      OMG! Andy Samburg is like, 30?! No way. You’re right, that’s just so gross. How dare he, a comedy actor, pretend to be younger and like, act and stuff for the sake of laughs. Totally gross.

  10. Andy Samberg sucks. Needs to fuck off and die ASAP.

  11. Jason  |   Posted on Oct 28th, 2008 0

    Remember that movie Jack with Robin WIlliams? That wasn’t really a fast-aging boy! Robin Williams was actually like 71! WHAT?

  12. Schoolhaus  |   Posted on Nov 3rd, 2008 +1

    I agree wholeheartedly. Samberg=not funny. Never was. Never will be. Just a smug little arrogant prick who’s nothing more than the poor man’s Jimmy Fallon (who also sucks out loud. He no make the funny either.). Overall, SNL has been a lot more tolerable over the past 5+ years; I just don’t get what people see in cast members like those I’ve mentioned…probably the same folks that think “There’s Something About Mary” is just THE funniest thing ever. Charlie Rocket would roll over in his grave if he was dead.

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