Obviously, nobody likes Mondays, but that’s no excuse to walk around like a Grouchapus. These guys know what I’m talking about.

You all look better. Now just drink this. What’s that? No, I don’t smell anything weird. BACK TO WORK!

(Thanks for the tip, Werttrew.)

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  1. “Complaining, what does it bring you?”

    It brings me Videogum, you robots.

  2. Say what you will, but if you replace the vox on the first 40 seconds with Britt Daniel, everyone would be LOVING this.

  3. Hey! Is this an easter egg for all the super fans? It showed up in my reader, but it’s not on the VGum home page.

  4. You of all people should know that grouches don’t walk around, they live in trashcans and occasionally drive jalopies.

  5. Vaguely middle eastern dude with the mustache is our spirit animal

  6. Don’t be sad! It makes other people uncomfortable!

  7. I don’t remember seeing any of my childhood female peers dressed as 1980s Oprah.

  8. “I feel better!” Your dead eyes say otherwise.

    Also, Martin Short, I love your white sleeveless T.

  9. Martin Short looks good surprisingly fashionable in a sleeveless button up shirt.

  10. At 1:50, when that puppet says, “Sure, sure, that song makes a lot of sense, but it’s hard not to complain when you’ve just dug up all my past failures of everything I can’t do,” it was like looking in a goddamn mirror (that removes mustaches).

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