I really don’t have any jokes for this one. He’s just your boyfriend. That’s all. You’re in love with him. In a way, you always have been. He’s your best friend and your missing piece. He’s not perfect. But you aren’t either. And, in a way, the two of you are perfect together. Not perfect like a happily-ever-after, rom-com, you-had-me-at-hello fairy tale perfect, but perfect like the two of you can look the future and say, with relative certainty, that you want to face it together. There will be hard times. There will be fights and heartache. But there’s going to be difficulties anyway, whether you’re in love or otherwise. So, really, you just have to decide whether you want to try to fashion some modicum of happiness out of this joy-sucking nightmare land we call Life with somebody else at your side, or whether you want to go it alone. And when it comes down to it, you choose to be with someone. You choose Johnny Gold.

You know when it’s right.

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  1. I’m just glad my boyfriend is FINALLY wearing those leopard print boxers I got him for Christmas.

  2. Yeah, but I’m cheating on him with his brother Rold. He can be a bit salty sometimes, but you should see how bendy that guy is!

  3. Fun medical fact: did you know that your eyes can barf? It’s true! I just found that out.

  4. Ummm, if this is the ‘censored’ version, does that mean there’s an uncensored (and uncut!) version just waiting for some poor unfortunate soul to stumble upon?

  5. the way he lifts that 5lb weight near the end makes me swoon

  6. This just reminded me that today is garbage day. Brb.

  7. Guys, what’s wrong with his nipples? Your boyfriends nipples are alarming

  8. Stay gold, Johnny Boy.

  9. Oh man, I can’t wait for the Footnote TV episode on my boyfriend, Johnny Gold.

  10. it’s dissapointing. song after song, leak after leak, video after video, the new lonely island album looks like it’s going to be a flop.

  11. He sincerely pronounces Wednesday just like I facetiously pronounce Wednesday. He IS my boyfriend!

  12. Well things haven’t been right between us lately, Huck. You’ve been working those long hours and leaving me at home. So when you stopped wanting to walk around barefoot in downtown wearing leopard underwear while I filmed you, I knew I’d have to find my fix somewhere else. I hope we can figure this out. Johnny’s open-minded… are you?

  13. Dear God, what happens in the uncensored version?

  14. Finally Hungary has it’s own R.A.E.D.

  15. This is a joke, right? This guy is the Danny McBride of central Europe, right? Right?

  16. 1:03-1:05 is why I love my boyfriend

  17. seems like a nice guy…

  18. Actually, he’s my fiance and this is why: 1. He can beatbox, or he makes a good effort. 2. He probably has socialized health insurance and that’s the staple of any serious relationship. 3. He can run 50 meters with a bronze Africa in return for small medallions. So back off, ladies. He’s all mine.

  19. The least you could have done was a NSFW……The most you could have done was a NSFL.

  20. I can tell he smells like a combination of a lot of cologne and damp, mildew-y towel. Gross.

  21. On a TOTALLY unrelated note: What is Right Said Fred up to these days?

  22. I know he loves me and wants me to love him on M,T,W,T, F, S and S, but I need a translation for the rest of his love song to me.

  23. i translete into english?

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