This ad is probably aimed more at older people, but since we younger people had something called “Nick At Nite” growing up, we’ll get it too. Ron Howard does some things he said he would never do, just to draw attention to his political cause (this is one of those times when further description would mess up the joke):

That was so heartfelt, adorable, and possibly influential on the crucial “old” vote that I won’t even make the obvious “Get out the vote ads have truly jumped the shark” joke.

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  1. aw, nostalgiagum is my favorite kind of gum. nick at nite was the best. nickelodeon sucks these days. get the fuck off my lawn, fucking teenagers!

    did you see hayden pennettiere’s get out the vote ad? seeing the cute little girl from “friday night lights” dropping f-bombs was rather off-putting

  2. If Ron Howard wants me to do something, he should agree to release Cotton Candy on DVD.


  3. I like this. Too much, even.

  4. I actually squeeled when he did Richie Cunningham

  5. That was thee best Get Out The Vote ad!

  6. love it! my mom emailed this to me yesterday even though she was an infant when the andy griffith show was on tv…

    too bad old folk don’t PUNCH IN or PULL UP sites like funnyordie when they HOP ON the INTERNETS…..
    too much?

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