We all get older. It’s inevitable. And as we get older, we change. (Some might argue that we don’t ever change, and that a human being’s fundamental personality remains relatively fixed over time. I think this argument makes sense when you’re really focused on particular aspects of that person that you WISH they would change, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t actually change, they just might not change in the direction that you want them to.) As the accumulation of all of our experiences over time, we have no choice but to reinterpret the world anew each day with the most recent information available. This is why so many of us, despite our greatest fears, end up “becoming our parents.” There are certainly cyclical familial patterns, but it’s just as much a function of aging. Culturally, we share, in the broadest sense, various stages of the life cycle. This guy knows what I’m talking about. It’s not a bad thing, or even if it is a bad thing, at the very least there is not much that we can do about it. And so, for example, people who were not particularly interested in cute videos or dog humor in the past, suddenly find themselves living with a dog and caring for that dog and now they are a person who loves cute videos and enjoys dog humor very much. That is just a random example that I just made up for no reason and is not about anyone specific, I’m sure. But, if we were to carry that example further, that person might take great delight in this video of a dog trying to play fetch with a statue. And in so doing (taking great delight) might recognize that this is a new facet of their sense of self. And in so doing might recognize that they are still getting older. And in so doing might remember that they are going to die one day.


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  1. Strange thing is, that’s actually a statue of William Brigsby, world famous dog taunter.

  2. I am like 90% sure that the man behind the camera is Tom Waits and he is having an asthma attack. Tom Waits’ Asthma Attack was also just added to the lineup of the Pitchfork Festival.

  3. I would argue that man frozen in carbonite on that park bench is exempt from existential dread.

  4. Hey film guys: not so funny when you consider the dog would rather try and will a statue to come to life than play fetch with you meanies.

  5. This kind of made me sad. WHY WONT SOMEONE JUST PLAY WITH HIM PLEASE!

  6. This is his one moment of respite. Those corporate fat cats work him like a dog.

    Too on the nose? Too on the COLD WET nose!?

    I’ll stop now.

  7. On the flipside, my dog is here in the office with me today and is acting like I am a statue. Sorry buddy!

  8. I’ve never wanted to go inside a video more and play with that little guy!

    …except for maybe with Annie in last night’s episode of Community…

  9. I love dogs’ inability to parse aesthetic mimesis so, so much.

  10. You guys, I’ve been staring at a spreadsheet and spraining my copy-paste fingers all day. This is the exact opposite of that.

  11. GO, DOGS! GO!!!!

  12. Ut’s a statue of Alan Turing, the grandfather of computer science and the inventor of a famous test of artificial intelligence. It seems quite clear that the statue passes the Turing Test, at least as far as canine-human interaction is concerned! (Chortle, chortle, chortle!)

  13. the fact that we stay fundamentally the same over time is a fact that was proved by the british docu-men-tary series 7-up that follows the lives of some british people from age 7 on up, touching base with them every 7 years. its a rad series.

  14. Any chance we can get this dog and Sad Keanu together? Can we reinvigorate sad Keanu?

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