Oh the kittenmanity!

If you do plan on going out on the carpet this weekend, you guys, buckle up. It’s the CLAW! (Get it? The claw? Like, “it’s the law,” but cats have claws? Do you or don’t you get it?) (Friday is just another word for NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE.) We don’t want anyone sustaining fatally adorable injuries to their cuternal organs!

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  1. In My Country, Kitten Crash You!
    Animal Rights Groups, Beg to Calm Down!

  2. SHIT! Someone call Aww-1-1!

  3. Consider me scared straight.

  4. I love kittens so, so much.

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  6. Cat Test Dummies

  7. Oh no! It’s an eight cat pile-up!

  8. these folks are not impressed

  9. This sequel for “Clash of the Titans” is already shaping up to be better then the first…

  10. As someone with four cats may I just say how embarrassed I am that I have never crashed them. Idiot!

  11. On the left side we have the reigning champion of the derby, Count Crashula and on the right we have a relative newcomer, Ms. Kitty Carnage!

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