It’s Friday morning! You know what that means: pull that scooter around and let’s get to it.

Honestly, there is nothing even to make fun of about this. These guys just know what is up. They are doing great. Let’s be more like them. I SAID, PULL THAT SCOOTER AROUND AND LET’S GET TO IT! (Thanks for the tip, Merrill.)

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  1. “I think I just found our newest ad campaign.” – Kawasaki’s Director of Marketing

  2. “Dances weirdly in the streets with friends” just replaced “owns a scooter” as the number one reason that kid is not going to get laid tonight.

  3. Needz moar small arms fire.

  4. The Omaha Player’s modern re-telling of West Side Story was doomed to fail from the get-go.

  5. Who says dance numbers only spontaneously break out in disney movies and musicals.

  6. The Scooter Clan display their ritual mating dance, in hopes that nearby females from the village would notice and take part.

  7. Scooters are awesome, but who’s up for a game of steal the bacon?

    • I clearly did not watch the video before that last concert… i was picturing those little square jobs with the four wheels on ‘em… you know… from gym class…

      This dance looks like a Euro version of Cotton Eye Joe.

  8. Growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota, I had a real gang of friends: me, Tim, Dave, Jordan and Eric. We were inseparable. We did everything together, all the time.

    Of course, the years changed us. Tim grew got married and moved to Des Moines. Jordan dropped out of UW and started following Phish around the country. Eric became an account and Dave, crazy Dave, enlisted in 2003 and was killed in Iraq.

    We may have grown up and all gone our separate ways but, to me, we’ll always be suspended in time, in St. Paul, Minnesota, dancing to trance music around a Vespa.

  9. is this in America?

  10. Having spent a good deal of time in Eastern Europe, I’m happy to say this is pretty much how it is.

  11. no my friends all dance but I’m more of an intellectual

  12. I could really use something for my mind. Does anyone know a lady who could provide that for me?

  13. There is a connection here that will impress no one except myself.

    These guys are dancing jumpstyle around a scooter. The first time I was exposed to jumpstyle was in a music video for a hard dance band called Scooter. It looked really cool! Here is that video:

    Thank you for your time and good morning.

    • SCOOOOOOTTTTTTERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      The world’s finest example of how incredible the english language can be in the hands of those who only somewhat understand it. My personal favorite: “Respect to the man in the ice cream van!” He yells it out during one of his insanely bad songs.

      • I think Scooter have (they are a band, if I’m not mistaken) a decent grasp on the English language, they just say random shit at the beginning of their songs. My favorite is “Tie your Shoes”. They also did the German theme song to the New Kids movie that has been featured on videogum before. It is all kinds of ridiculous:

        But man oh man, I remember when jumpstyle was popular here a few years ago. That was so terrible, you could not even enjoy it ironically. Glad that Eastern Europe has finally caught up.

        • are you… from the low lands by any chance? I remember my cousins (the bad side of the family) dancing to jump style (before it went mainstream via new kids). (too many parentheses)

        • also. this is by far the best tutorial for those on videogum who just CANNOT help wanting to GET TO IT. freaky robotized voice included.

          • SO. There are obviously a metric tonne of reasons to love Videogum, but towards the top of my list is this: that almost whenever a completely incomprehensible viral video is posted, one that makes me say to myself, “I will never understand what is going on here,” invariable someone in the comments says, in an utterly unpretentious and completely generous way, “For those who are confused, THIS is what is going on.” And then we ALL become better, more informed, and broader-minded people! THANK YOU VIDEOGUM COMMENTERS.

    • Somehow I missed this thread originally, and was referred back here from today’s link. Despite the fact that most likely no one will read this, I have a comment!

      A guy I work with in California, USA (who is 100% American) is WAAAYYY into this ‘jumpstyle’ dancing thing, and I have absolutely no idea why.

      To me the music reminds me of what we used to call ‘Happy Hardcore’ in the 1900s (I am 105 years old), and it’s so funny because he is the squarest dude ever and would have never associated with the people that liked that music back then.

  14. Promo for The Danube Shore

  15. At first I was like, “that’s stupid” but then they started a more choreographed routine and they won me over.

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