Date: May 4, 2011
Time: Check your local listings
Location: ABC
Source: Dlisted
Description: Host of family-oriented game show asks question concerning solar system. Contestant attempts to deduce answer out loud in front of studio audience and in so doing commits TWSS. Contestant immediately catches herself committing TWSS, host loses composure, audience loses composure. It is clear to everyone that TWSS has been committed. File Under: OBVIOUS TWSS,

Comments (26)
  1. While this is a great TWSS, it just makes me sad that Michael Scott wont be on tonight’s office.

  2. I hope they just gave her the point.

  3. Actually the rumor is that you can, you just have to buy her a nice dinner first, and yes I mean dessert too.

  4. If only we had a space probe…

  5. Six degrees of separ-anus-tion:

    Meredith Viera hosts Today Show where she replaced Katie Couric who received a colonoscopy live on-air while hosting. In 3!

    I nailed that one! TWSS.

    • This took a while, but it was worth it:
      Meredith Vieira had a cameo in Get Him To the Greek, which also featured Rose Byrne.
      Rose Byrne is starring in this summer’s X-Men: First Class with… Kevin Bacon.

    • Also, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t broadcast our affair over the internet. I trusted you.

  6. If you like it then you should put a finger on it…

    Oof bye.

    • I was thinking this but I didn’t want to actually post it. Thank you for showing such courage. Courage is the word I’m looking for here, right?

  7. Your grandmother approves


    • Just so you guys know, in order to find this picture I googled “You’re grandmother sure knows a lot about buttholes” on my work computer. Ah, the things we do for v-gum.

  8. How do you say it? Uraynus or Urahnus? ‘Cause I have a friend that always goes the latter route and I just can’t say anything to him. And I know that he’s just waiting for someone to get into an ‘anus fight with him.

  9. For some reason, Butterfingers sound gross now.

  10. Anndddd she should be getting off at this exit:

  11. wow, just like those calls to Moe where he supplies the lead-in:

    Someone check the bathrooms for a Hugh Jazz!
    Why can’t I find Amanda Huggenkiss?

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