Despite this (kind of) surprising turn of events, I think we can all still agree that this continues to be a very cool thing that is happening between two very cool people.

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  1. Well, derr. She’s Russian. That would be FOREIGN abuse.

  2. Aww, these guys are adorable.

  3. What a weird marketing campaign for The Beaver

  4. also from Mel Gibson’s wikipedia

    “Prankster Gibson has a reputation for practical jokes, puns, Stooge-inspired physical comedy, and doing outrageous things to shock people. As a director he sometimes breaks the tension on set by having his actors perform serious scenes wearing a red clown nose.[147] Helena Bonham Carter, who appeared alongside him in Hamlet, said of him, “He has a very basic sense of humor. It’s a bit lavatorial and not very sophisticated.”[148] During the filming of Hamlet, Gibson would relieve pressure on the set by mooning the cast and crew, directly following a serious scene.[149] In addition to inserting several homages to the Three Stooges in his Lethal Weapon movies, Gibson produced a 2000 television movie about the comedy group which starred Michael Chiklis as Curly Howard. As a gag[citation needed], Gibson inserted a single frame of himself smoking a cigarette into the 2005 teaser trailer of Apocalypto.[150]”

    This explains everything

  5. he’s still got it.

  6. “I guess this opens up more time for Oksana Grigorieva to work on her net game.” – Failed jokes from the entertainment news show that I am creating for the Tennis Network.

  7. Speaking of domestic abuse, ohthehorrorofitall and I took a three-hour cruise with the Insane Clown Posse last weekend, and you can read about it here:

    I was the so-called “photographer”!

    In related news, she also reviewed The Beaver:

  8. Now all we need is for the Jews to apologise for killing our lord Jesus and Mel can get back on with his life.

  9. I am simply charmed* by their mercurial relationship! More material for the scrap* book**!

  10. In Soviet Union, domestic abuse charges drop YOU.

  11. Wait, he’s still around? I thought the internet willed him out of existence.

  12. If I didn’t know about the title of Gibson’s upcoming film, I would be drafting a tersely-worded email to Gabe for tagging a post about domestic violence with “The Beaver”

  13. Well, this literally means nothing. Domestic violence victims drop charges and protection orders ALL the TIME, largely due to psychological fuckery and pressure from their batterers.

  14. Without those charges the only thing we’ll ever know is that Mel Gibson is an alcoholic racist anger-fueled rage monster who is prone to drunk driving and wildly offensive outbursts.

  15. It’s nice to see two people put aside their differences and come together to work on what will probably be a chart-topping sophomore album of hate-rant tapes.

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